Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Interesting life.

Mine, that is. If my life gets any more interesting and challenging I shall go on a holiday - which I am. Have a look at my romantic suspense novel, TOO YOUNG TO DIE. Perfect reading on your iphone, Blackberry, Kindle or other hand held reader.

Go to my web site, www.anitabirt.com for an excerpt and while you're there have a look at my other books. They've had great reviews.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE will keep you on the edge of your seat until you read the last page. Enjoy. I'm off for some R&R.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog ...

That is the question - I have family visiting. I am selling my home. I shall be moving in a few months. I want to sell my books! And so we come to this.

My Isabelle books. Available in e-format from Cerridwen Press.

ISABELLE'S DIARY (present time) has a ghost. A new branch on the family tree. A search for answers. A love story to warm your heart. "Can a ghost appear in broad daylight? In a cafe in the Welsh town Llandrindod Wells?"

ISABELLE'S STORY (1899-1900)
Is the story of the girl who wrote the diary. Pregnant, she believes her lover has abandoned her. Disowned by her family she makes her way to the hills above Llandrindod Wells determined to end her life. What happens next?

My book, A VERY DIFFICULT MAN, is available in trade paper back as well as e-format from Cerridwen Press or order from Amazon.com or from your favourite book store in the United States. Sadly, it's not available in Canadian book stores. (Complicated story)

For the first five readers who go to my web site, www.anitabirt.com and leave their names and addresses, I will send the trailer for my book, A VERY DIFFICULT MAN. You can read excerpts of all my books on the site. Thanks for visiting my blog.