Sunday, January 29, 2012

Anita Birt's Note Book and Rant

I know there are real live human beings out there who touch base on my blog They are like ghosts not stopping long enough to leave a comment. Now is that fair? I want comments especially now with my e-book, RING AROUND THE MOON, now published in trade paperback. My publisher created a new cover for my book that is quite beautiful.

Where are you and why are you not leaving a comment or two or three? Take a minute to check out my  web site at:  Leave a ghostly comment and I shall love you forever - well for a little while as I digest your cmments.

Writing is a ghostly business in some ways. We sit alone at our computers or with pen and paper and create stories. It's dream time while I run the movie inside my head and solve problems when they appear. Or a new character intrudes on the story line and has to be dealt with creatively. I had a major problem in Ring Around The Moon and couldn't figure out how to solve it. I wakened in the dark of night and the answer came to me.

Writing is mysterious. A story line pops into my head and I am hooked. I am developing a story about an elderly lady who moves into a seniors' residence. Instead of finding peace and quiet she stumbles into a mystery waiting to be solved. A strange character is hanging around the edges of my mind. Why? I don't like him but he won't go away.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anita Birt's Note Book and Rant

My e-book, RING AROUND THE MOON, has been issued as a trade paper book with a new beautiful cover.  Here are the back cover notes I wrote for my book when it was first published.

"It wasn;t supposed to happen like this. Not to her. Not to sensible Beth Ormond. She'd rented Quest Cottage in Cornwall to get away from the hassles back home in the States, and to think through her future as as single Mom.

Tired after driving from Heathrow Airport she got out of the car. A full moon glowed in the night sky. She hurried up to the cottage but stopped n her tracksd  as a man emerged from a nearby stand of trees and called out to her.

Alan Tremaine had traveled from the past to the present time with a story so bizarre Beth couldn't get her mind around it unless she disregarded her scientific training and believed in time travel. Could she? Did she want to?"

Americans can buy my book from my publisher, Ellora's, or and various book stores.
Canadians can buy my book from It will save postage.
In the UK: I assume it's available at Amazon.UK

Off you go to purchase my intricately plotted time travel romance. I had many difficult problems to solve as my story evolved, not the least of which was figuring out how to create a modern identity for Alan.



Friday, January 13, 2012

Anita Birt's Note Book and Rant

I've been having fun researching information about my Atlantic Crossing August/September 1944

I sailed on the S.S. Ariguani out of Halifax on August 29 part of Convoy HX304

On September 6 an explosion lifted me off my bunk. We passengers were never told what had caused the explosion and all the thumps that continued. The captain forbade us to go out on deck. I now know why.

The Empire Heritage a steam tanker was struck my torpedoes. The Pinto, a  convoy rescue ship came to pickup survivors and it was torpedoed. The Empire Heritage carried 59 passengers plus a large crew. Few survived. A trawler, HMS Northern Wave rescued those who survived.

German U-Boat #482 Captained by Graf von Hartmut Matursky did not survive long after striking convoy HX304.. Two months later the Royal Navy attached and destroyed the submarine.

 I found it hard to believe that all this information from 1944 was so easily available. Our ship docked in Liverpool on September 10. Convoys can only travel as fast as the slowest ships. I believe we were doing 10 knots that's why it took two weeks to cross the Atlantic.

Another bit of information. The Ariguani was a small ship.425.2 feet long. 54.1 feet breadth. It could fit in a Canadian football field.

I am waiting to receive the print copies of my e-book, RING AROUND THE MOON. You can order from my publisher, Ellora's Cave. or or in Canada,

Enjoy life

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anita Birt's Note book and RAnt

I have news. My e-book, RING AROUND THE MOON, is now available in trade paperback! If you live in the States you can order my book from or It will also be available in book stores. In Canada it is more efficient to order from and save on postage. View the new cover!

Ring Around The Moon is a time travel romance set in magical Cornwall. My hero time travelled from two hundred years in the past to the the present time.  My heroine is an American, fourth month's pregnant with her first child.  She rented Quest Cottage in Cornwall for a month to rest and plan her life as a single Mom.

The "best laid plans," often go astray. I loved writing this book. The plot's twists and turns surprised me and I am the author