Friday, August 29, 2014


Yesterday I blogged about Depression. Nobody out there in cyber land is depressed! Nobody commented. So let's get on to cheerful things.

The book I'm writing now takes place in an English village with a modern but rather eccentric main character. She's been asked to investigate a series of minor crimes all located in the same neighbourhood. Because there's gypsy camp  on a nearby common the gypsies are getting the blame.

Lady Mary works with the local constable who has better things to do than worry about a stolen pair of Wellies and other items not worth stealing. That's all I'm saying.

I do hope you are purchasing my newly published e-book, The Ghost Writer Mystery by me, Anita Birt.

Also my five romance novels are picking up new readers. I am thrilled about that. Purchase RING AROUND THE MOON , a time travel. He comes from the past to the present time. How he and my heroine came together makes for rather sexy reading. Read on.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE. A page turning mystery guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat as my heroine caring for a three month old baby escapes in the dark of night into a forest where anything can happen. Read on.

A VERY DIFFICULT MAN - My heroine is hired by the mother of a battle scared duke to read to him, to encourage him to take part in the affairs of his estate. He tries to get rid of the companion foisted on him by his mother and uncle. Read on.

ISABELLE'S DIARY - a contemporary romance with a ghostly encounter and a search for answers. Twists and turns on every page. Read on.

ISABELLE'S STORY - A historical romance. The story of Isabelle who penned the diary in the late 18th century. How did it find its way to the present time? Read on.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I am sort of at my wits end. Should I drop this Blog or not? Whatever topic I introduce falls on deaf ears or blind eyes.

ARE YOU DEPRESSED?  Try this simple physical exeercise. Are you wearing comfortable shoes or in bare feet? Clear some space so you can move around.

Next. SMILE . It won't hurt a bit and is good exercise for your face.

Your are SMILING (as best you can) Give your arms a good shake as if you're shaking rain drops off the tips of your fingers.

Next. Raise your arms as high as you can. Let them drop for a few seconds. Raise them up high again and start walking slowly around your room. Remember to SMILE as you walk. When you tire drop your arms and give them a good shake. Simple, is it not?

In a nut shell. SMILE.


Relax and hang around doing nothing. Think about what you are achieving. BY PHYSICALLY RAISING YOUR BODY YOU ARE RAISING YOUR SPIRITS.

Body and soul in harmony.

Do the SMILE and ARMS RAISING exercise three times a day or more. You will feel better.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I speak out but no one listens or replies. Is anyone out there thinking about issues that shock, surprise, horrify?

The police killings in Ferguson? The unarmed black man was shot SIX times. I think the police officer should be charged with murder. One shot would have solved the problem. Why shoot in the first place? Having a gun handy is an invitation to shoot.

Another young aboriginal girl has been murdered and her body dumped in a Manitoba river. Big fuss about the number of aboriginal girls and women gone missing or murdered. What to do with women and girls who put themselves in harm's way?

Change of topic.  A dream wakened me yesterday morning. I saw the pretty cover of a paper back book. The cover had trees and flowers in pinks and blues. Although I didn't read the name of the book on the cover I knew what it was: HOW TO DO HAPPY THINGS.

Good title for a book except all kinds of things have been written on the subject. Google it and find out. I wonder why it came to me in a dream.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


There are days when I think parts of the world have gone mad. A small group have been chased away from their homes because the murderous ISIS want to kill them. All because they have a particular Muslim Christian beliefs and for that they must die. The poor souls took refuge on a mountain and are being rescued by American fighter/bombers taking out ISIS strongholds. Other countries are sending in aid so the poor folks will have something to eat and drink.

This is so sad. I think of the little children suffering and the older children unable to attend school. Is there a future? What can Canada do?

Robert Fulford had a brilliant essay in the National Post yesterday. "Mid-Century Judaism." Where he recounts the achievements of Jewish designers in furniture, clothing, architecture. It's worth a read. In the midst of the terrorists, Hamas, trying to kill all Jews, it's important to remember how much Jews have contributed to all aspects of our society.

Is hate stronger than love? If you know the answers please let me know. You can Tweet me or send a message on Facebook or comment on this Blog.

 The fog horns are blowing over the sea and the mist is drifting, soft and quiet. So peaceful.

So much to do. So little time. I'm too old to take on world problems. It's up to the younger generations to change the world - a little bit at a time. Smiling will help a little bit.

I think I'm wandering off on different topics. I read my three daily newspapers and books to energize my brain. . I'll e-mail Robert Fulford and tell him how much I enjoyed his essay, "Mid-Century Judaism."

I urge you to buy my romance novels, my non-fiction book, The House at Bridal Veil, and my mystery, THE GHOST WRITER MYSTERY. Enjoy


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Our weather on Vancouver Island continues. I'd like to bottle it and have a Genie bring it out on a miserable winter day and wrap it around me. Aladdin and your Lamp. Where are you when I need you?

Gone the way of all magic so I must weave my own. Counting my blessings. I often do when I'm out walking and stop to listen to  the sound of the surf. I am blessed being able to walk and listen and view the scene in front of my eyes. The snow capped mountains across the way in Washington. The sea sparkling in the sun. And the gulls screeching. They are always around. They fly by my front windows and leave huge white droppings. It's life and my windows will be cleaned.

The cruise ship season is in full swing here. Very large ships and one or two smaller ones. I can't imagine being on a ship with 2565 passengers and crew. They are floating hotels. Then someone gets sick with gastroenteritis and all hell breaks loose.

I have too many books waiting to be read and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. One of them, I have to read and send a short review within a week!!! Not enough time.

And I'm writing my mystery, having passed 35,000 words and no end in sight. How did this happen?

Does anyone read this Blog? Why am I writing it? It's keeping a second diary. I write in my diary at night and my Blog fills in the cracks - when I remember to write in my Blog.

In the meantime I have to go and read. Remember to purchase my books. All are available in e-published form and very inexpensive.


Saturday, August 2, 2014


Egad, I had my named spelled wrong on my last post. To-day, August 2nd. I phoned my cousin, Helen, in St. John's, Nfld, yesterday. Heat record broken, 30 deg.C and humid.

I'm putting together some of my work ( not published) because I am often asked if I'm still writing. I never stop. Writers write, simple as that. In the display will be: three Memoirs, ON BEING SIX.  ON BEING EIGHT-SEVEN - ON BEING NINETY. Also two children's stories, Atlantic Crossing, August/September 1944. And:



I'm the only member of my family who recalls events as far back as 1920 and onwards to the present time. I wrote my memoirs for my family so the events of my life would not be lost.

Have you written your memoirs? Start anywhere. "How I learned to swim," something like that.It doesn't have to be brilliant. Give your memory a work-out. Stir up those "little grey cells," and see what happens.

I'm slowly progressing with my murder/mystery, Phyllis

Are  you buying my books, my five romance novels and my newly published e-book, THE GHOST WRITER MYSTERY? Let's make it a best seller, Price, $1.99.

A VERY DIFFICULT MAN, my historical romance is selling well in the UK. Not hundreds of books but enough to make me feel good.

ISABELLE'S DIARY.  ISABELLE'S STORY.  RING AROUND THE MOON.  TOO YOUNG TO DIE. All are available as e-books. Very reasonable for great reads. If you like the feel of a book in your hands, they are available is trade paperback.