Friday, June 26, 2015

Anita Birt - blogging is not working for me. No catchy title. No social media. I am an outcast.

I am an outcast hanging out waiting to be saved for something better than this; such as offering brilliant thoughts  to bring in brilliant responses. Not going to happen. I am an elderly woman having lived a long and interesting life. I've lived in five different countries. I've had five romance novels published to great acclaim. I sailed across the Atlantic in a 79 ship convoy  during the war. Our convoy was attacked by a German submarine. Two ships sunk with a great loss of life. But the submarine was tracked down and sunk two months later. More lives lost.

I am writing a mystery. Lady Mary and Murder in the Canal Boat. Mary accidenatally discovers a body in a rented canal boat - the body much decayed. Not pleasant.

There's a wonderful dog in the story who becomes Mary's companion. Her name is Kim. She is a border collie. Smart and protective of Mary. Don't mess with a border collie they are clever animals. I knew a dog when I lived in Wales, She wasn't border collie but did take delight in rounding up the chickens out in the field.

Do keep purchasing my romance novels. They are real page turners. Try TOO YOUNG TO DIE and find out! Imagine having a three month baby  in your arms and escaping into a dark forest with four nasty thugs looking for you. Gives me the shivers thinking about. Here is the list of my romance novels.

A VERY DIFFICULT MAN (historical) ISABELLE'S DIARY (contemporary) ISABELLE'S STORY (historical) RING AROUND THE MOON (contemporary but with a time travel twist) TOO YOUNG TO DIE (contemporary, murder mystery)

THE GHOST WRITER MYSTERY (e-published. costs pennies to buy)

I'm away to think about Lady Mary. My book is almost finished. How to end it?

Anita Birt

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