Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anita Birt's Note Book

Writing a novel is a challenge. Writers have different ways of approaching a story. Some plot. Some write cards with story points on them and spread them on the floor. Other write on white board with black pens.

And then there are others like multi-published historical writer, Jo Beverley, who says she writes "by the seat of her pants," and lets the story flow from a beginning she has imagined. She is gifted and I am not even close to emulating her genius.

I write like that. I started my new book with an idea and let it take shape. What happens will happen and now and again, the story lurches off on a tangent I had not thought of and takes me there.

That's all I want to say this evening. I'm reading "Gone,Girl," and want to get back to it.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Anita Birt's Note Book

I have neglected my web site. A talented friend looks after it but she has to wait for instructions from me. Soon it will be up-to-date and shiny. The reviews for my romance novels are as relevant now as when first written. I urge you to try them.

A VERY DIFFICULT MAN is a historical romance. A terrific read. He returns from the Crimea wounded in body and soul and wants nothing to do with the young lady hired to read to him. Out with her! She can't repay the three month salary paid to her and must stay with this very difficult man or risk debtor's prison.
There are twists and ties in my story. Imagine a gypsy fortune teller.

ISABELLE'S DIARY is a contemporary romance that takes place in Wales. There is a ghost! Imagine my heroine finding the diary and adding a surprising addition to the family tree. A fascinating tale that spans a century.

ISABELLE'S STORY is a historical romance taking the reader back one hundred years to Isabelle who wrote the diary. Thinking her lover has abandoned her she tries to take her life up in the hills above town. But a kindly old shepherd saves her from death and like one of his lost sheep, carries her over his shoulder to his simple dwelling on the far side of the hill where she recovers.

RING AROUND THE MOON. An usual time travel, He comes back from the past to the present time and finds a new love. Complications arise as my pregnant American heroine who has come to Cornwall for a rest has to figure out how to find modern documentation for him and to try not to fall in love with him. My story takes place in magical Cornwall. It's a wonderful romance.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE. A story of survival as my heroine, a nanny, has to escape from the hands of a criminal bent on killing her and the three month old baby she has to protect. Imagine my heroine venturing into a Cascade Mountain forest in the black of night carrying the baby. She fears human and animal predators. Imagine her stumbling through trees with no moon in the sky glimmering through the branches overhead to light her way. Imagine.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anita Birt's Note Book

Sigh. No requests for a copy of THE MISADVENTURES OF TILLY, A SWAN

No charge for Tilly and no follow up with bothersome  e-mails. That is a promise.

I am well into my new novel which is part mystery and part humour. Making readers smile and laugh is like a godsend on gloomy winter days or when something bad happens. A close friend had to have her do pet down ten days ago. He was fifteen years old and had become quite ill. I've been there and know the pain of losing a pet. A pet becomes part of the family and is mourned as such.

For a few days I thought spring had come to the island but winter seems to be reluctant to leave and is back again with a cold wind and grey skies.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Anita Birt's Note Book

At last a comment left on my blog! I would like more especially as I am offering to e-mail a copy of my children's story, The Misadventure of Tilly, a swan, to anyone who asks. It is free! You can't beat that for prices. This story is for children ages 4 - 7.

As for the adult novel I am writing, it is coming along. I am re-reading my own published books to find my writing voice. After my husband died I stopped writing and thought my writing days were over. But writing about "Tilly" has been fun and hard work. My daughter-in-law is a retired teacher of young children and she insisted I take our frightening scenes that would make little kids cry. I have one scary scene in "Tilly" but she does have a lot of problems trying to find her way home. Did you know that only swans can hear swan songs? I thought not.

I have a ghost in my new novel and a retired writer. They make a fine pair of problem solvers when things go amiss in the retirement residence where the writer lives and the ghost hangs around, so to speak.

I shall say no more and await requests for a copy of THE MISADVENTURE OF TILLY, A SWAN.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Anita Birt's Note Book

I have finished writing my children's story, The Misadventure of Tilly, a Swan. It's 2000 words and is meant to be read aloud to small children.

 If there is anyone out there who would like to have a copy, please send me your e-mail address in the Comment section below and I shall send it to you. The more the merrier.

Now I shall see how I fare writing an adult novel that takes place in a Retirement residence. I have a first line and that is importnat.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Anita Birt's Note Book

I mentioned my e-published book, Isabelle's Diary, in my last post. The problem in writing a contemporary romance like mine is how quickly technology changes can puzzle my readers. I wrote my book five years ago and since then we have gone from simple cell phones to tablets to I-phones and more.

Isabelle's Diary is set in mid Wales in the present time. The idea for my book came to me when my husband and I were on a walking holiday. We had taken a day off to visit Llandrindod Wells, its cathedral and history. As we sat in a cafe drinking a mid morning cup of coffee I noticed a young girl dressed in rather old fashioned, black clothing sitting at a window table. She kept looking out the window as if expecting someone. My imagination went into overdrive.

I imagined a different scene. I (my name is Sally) am sitting in the cafe, alone, when I notice a young women dressed in Victorian black sitting at a window table. She is reading from a diary and tears spill down her cheeks. My heart goes out to her and I start to stand up to go over to her when the waitress interrupts me to give me my check. I pay my bill and look for the girl but she has vanished and the waitress insists that no one has sat at the window table all morning.

That is how my story starts. Isabelle's Diary is available in e-format and is not available in trade paper back. I am hoping if enough readers order my book in e-format my publisher may issue it in print. I would love to have it in print. Much as I enjoy reading on my Kindle, there is much to be said for holding a book in my hands, especially when it is mine!

Isabelle's Diary uses old technology like a telephone! Enjoy my book and overlook the missing teckie gadgets. It's a fascinating story waiting for you to read.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Anita Birt's Note Book

How to I get my blog out there in cyber land to be read by thousands? A hundred? What have I got to say of interest to anyone other than myself? How to grow old gracefully? Or not?

We all grow old,  it's how we do it that matters. Keep the brain active. Exercise as much as possible.
Socialize with others. Play bridge! Or Scrabble! Both will keep you on your toes, so to speak. In the meantime read as much as you can. I am a newspaper freak and have three daily newspapers except on Sundays when I only have one.

Read books in whatever format suits you. Do try my books. They are as relevant now as when I wrote them. A VERY DIFFICULT MAN is selling well in both formats. I am delighted to see more readers have purchased my thriller, TOO YOUNG TO DIE. It's a real page turner. 

Readers should try,  ISABELLE'S DIARY. It's a contemporary romance like none other. Did my heroine see a ghost or not? There's a twist at the end - I shall say no more. You will enjoy a good read.

I am writing again, a children's story and it's a fun project.

Stay safe in 2013.