Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anita Birt's Note book

Time does go on, does it not? My life is very quiet and I have no great illuminating features with which to tease you. Did I tell you I have a wig? must have since it's the most exciting event in May. How do people create a blog so fascinating that hundreds of people surfing the internet come across it and are hooked?

Who wants to hear from an old lady of eighty-eight who grumbles about this and that to no avail. For instance, fashion. From ads in the paper and other media clothes are for thin, beautiful young woman. Fashions are for the young but women my age have disposable income and we are looking for attractive fashions to suit us. No old ladies dresses please! We crave clothes to make us look good - trying to find such things is close to impossible.

Another minor quibble. Why are models photographed with their legs and bodies in odd positions? Bent backwards or sideways displaying as much leg and breast as passes muster in our "anything goes" society.

Oh hell, I sound like an old grouch. Being eighty-eight does that to me! I shall continue to wend my way through shops with quality merchandise and with a little bit of luck will find a dress, slacks, attractive tops and sandals for old feet. And there I shall leave you. I have my sixth chemotherapy on June 7th.

Drop by my web site and purchase one of my books." A Very Difficult Man" is selling well. It would make a great film. Do any of you know a contact in the film business to whom I could send my book? A script writer, for instance, who may want to write the film script for my book. Am I dreaming?


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anita Birt's Note book

It's a gorgeous sunny day here on the west coast and the wind is not howling over the sea. The grassy area surrounding the walk by the sea was filled with daffodils earlier in the year, now the lovely blue Camas lilies are in bloom surrounded by bright yellow buttercups. A blessing after the miserable cold spring we have had.

But nothing compares with the forest fires devastating Slave Lake, Alberta. Most of the town has been ravaged by the fire. Manitoba is dealing with huge floods. There is something wrong with this picture!

This is a very short blog. I had to tell you about the lilies and the buttercups. Remember to have a look at my web site; and purchase one or two of my books for your e-reader. I am enjoying my Kindle and find it tempting to order more books than I have time to read - both e-books and regular books.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anita Birt's Note book

Whew, I am so far behind I shall never die. I am losing hair owing to the chemo therapy I've had in the past five months so I ordered and purchased a WIG. I am pleased with the result. Compliments are flying my way from my friends here in the retirement residence- that makes me feel comfortable wearing it.

At eighty eight I'm wearing wig. Seems kind of crazy to me but I did not like the look if the big bald spot on the crown of my head. Do we every get over being just a tiny bit conceited about how we look? Or is simply because we like to look our best no matter what.

I had my fifth chemo therapy last Tuesday and am over the uncomfortable third and fourth days after the treatment.

My son and daughter-in-law arrived in London, England to-day to visit their son and his fiance. All is well. Life goes on. One of these days - before I die - I'd like a great grandchild - but we can't hurry these things along.

I've just finished reading The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. It's quite a famous mystery written in the nineteenth century. I loved it. Collins used every trick in the book to keep the mystery moving along. Although I love my Kindle I am still buying books. Who can resist a book store with all those tempting titles on the shelves? I come from a family who read a lot and my present family members are all readers. For me Life would be dull without books around me.

Rain is beating at my window as I write. I know summer will come! We've had a cold spring and I am ready to spring into summer clothes but not yet.

Have a look at my web site, to read about my five romance novels and then purchase them for your e-reader. I promise you won't be disappointed. Every one has had excellent reviews.

I'm not writing fiction for the time being. I may return to it when inspiration strikes and I am ready to put fingers to keyboard and spin a story.

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