Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lazy. This is a lazy blog where nothing important happens, nothing important is expected to happen and nothing ever will.

I'm so busy writing my mystery novel time flies by and I forget about this blog. It's bloody boring anyway, isn't? I shall keep it going to publicize my book when it's published. I am thinking very positive thoughts. For an aged lady still pounding out stories is not usual. Lots of aged ladies paint and knit and quilt and embroider but how many are writing mysteries?

That's all I shall say on that subject, except to say, my two main characters are a fascinating pair. Hmm. I've blogged about that already. I can still write but trying to remember what's I've blogged about is real downer.

Daffodils have faded but there are dark blue small lilies blooming. I think they are called, Camas lilies. They are really beautiful. Casting a blue haze over the rough grass bordering the path above the sea. Even with  bloody back spasms giving me a lot of pain, I feel good to be alive outside and gazing at the little dark blue lilies.

Drop a comment! Someone. Please. I know there are page views and I'm pleased with that but think how comforting it would be to read a comment.

Enjoy good reads on your e-readers by purchasing one or all five of my books.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anita Birt's Note Book

My notes are about nothing in particular so you may stop reading now! I am working hard on my mystery novel. I did a lot of editing yesterday and enjoyed reading my story from the beginning. Having said that, my two protagonists have to get busy and find the bad guys who are connected to a murder, two assaults and other illegal activities. Lots of characters and lots going on.

My blog is of no interest to anyone but I keep on going, although I miss days when I'm not inspired to look at it. However, this item in a newspaper is worth sharing. It's about snakes. Garter snakes. Harmless little creatures who eat slugs that damage your garden plants.

The newspaper heading:" Garter snakes leave cosy digs in crawl space to slither through hospital halls." It started when a snake was seen sliding down a hall at the hospital in Herbert, Saskatchewan. Then another and another. I'm quoting from the article."Garter snakes turned a crawl space beneath the hospital into a warm home for the winter and began to emerge as spring approached."

The crawl space has been sealed off. About 100 snakes have been captured. They'll be set free to find their natural seasonal migration route of their hibernation areas.  All's well that ends well.

I am taking part in a competition that involves wearing a step counter and noting my steps in a daily log book. I walk by the sea unless a Force 8 gale is blowing and the sea is churning white caps. It was windy this morning but it was sunny. Lovely to feel the sun on my face. BUT. A storm has blown in and rain is pounding against my window.Can't trust Pacific coastal weather.

Until my new book is published do keep buying my romance novels. A VERY DIFFICULT MAN. ISABELLE'S DIARY. ISABELLE'S STORY. RING AROUND THE MOON. TOO YOUNG TO DIE.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Anita Birt's Note Book - AGING

I may be about aging or maybe not. I have started to read, "The 100-year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared." Lower down on the front cover are these words. "IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START OVER."

I am inspired to continue writing my mystery novel if only to find out, "Who Done it?"

Lots of suspects and suspense and an interesting bunch of characters.  The two main characters are so different but I shall not reveal their names and what they do for a living.

Change of topic. I received my royalty cheque to-day. My romance novel that sells better than my others is, "A VERY DIFFICULT MAN." I am surprised that fifteen copies of the e-book version are purchased for the Kindle. I receive my royalty but what does someone do with fifteen copies of an e-book? Can copies be transferred from one computer to another?

If you enjoy reading a really interesting and exciting historical romance novel purchase, "A VERY DIFFICULT MAN." A wounded hero. A young lady at whom he throws books. He thinks she may belong to a temperance society who'd rejoice in taking away his solace, Brandy. He drinks it to ease the pain in his soul and the stump of his amputated leg.

And there is a gypsy fortune teller to add an exotic component to my story.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Anita Birt's Note Book on Nothing Important

Nothing Important. That's me for the time being. My life is peaceful and quiet. What a blessing to be old.

The mystery novel I'm writing is coming along nicely. I'm still not sure who the bad guys are and what they are up to. It will come. The solution might come in the middle of the night after I get up to go to the bathroom and lie in bed until sleep takes me away. I am a quiet sleeper. If I go to sleep on my left side I wake up in the exact position with which I started. Same with my right side.

When I was a busy writer penning my five romance novels I worked every day for two to three hours, in daylight. I'm not a night time creator. Evenings are for reading, or if there's something worth watching on television, I shall watch it.

Because I am old, I write two hours, sometimes less. I tire more easily. But see what I'm doing right now? I'm penning nonsense on my blog, which no one reads. No wonder. I'm not writing anything worth reading.

Tomorrow I may write a little of my story, The Misadventure of Tilly, a Swan. Not the whole thing unless someone asks for it! There's a challenge.

It's late. I couldn't walk outside to-day, raining. We need the rain so I am not grumbling. I shall put on my walking shoes and walk the halls with my new pedometer counting the steps.

In the meantime. Smile or pretend to.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Anita Birt'sote Book on Aging

Aging begins the minute we are thrust from our warm mother's womb into the outside world. It's hurts like hell and all you can do is yell.

And so it begins. Life's journey from now until then. . .whenever and wherever then is. We have no choice about our parental heritage, if  you're  lucky your parents will have no illnesses to pass on to  you. Talk about a crap shoot. Enough of that. What can we control?

Happiness. Books have been written about being happy. For some, being happy is easy, for others not so. Depends on the cards you're dealt. As you grow up and study your family are the members interesting, boring, funny, thoughtful, brilliant, easy to be with, not too critical but critical enough, handy, inventive?

My Uncle John was a carpenter and I loved to watch him work. I especially liked the curly bits of shaved wood left over. I had black, straight hair and always wanted to be blonde (like Shirley Temple) with ringlets.

So I'd take the curly bits of shaved wood and twine them in my hair to make ringlets. Sadly it didn't work. To rub salt into my wounds, a new girl moved on to our street. Her name was Gwendolyn and she had masses of blonde hair and ringlets. She had a pale skin and I had freckles. We never became good friends. I climbed trees with my brother and went barefoot all summer.

As I've mentioned previously I'm writing a book. I think about it at odd times, i.e. waking in the night and bright idea comes to me. I do remember it.

I received my royalty cheque to-day. Stay with me. Buy my books. Keep the faith until my new book is published.  Don't know where, don't know when but will happen.