Friday, September 26, 2008

Vampires with a swipe at blogging to create a stir

What is it about vampires that entrances females of all ages? Is it just me or is a piece of my brain missing or something? I wonder why anyone wants to read about or have a relationship with a blood sucking, night lurking vampire. Because I have not researched the genre thoroughly and may be speaking from ignorance, the vampire novels have heroines attracted to long dead men who emerge from the grave long enough for the heroine to fall in love with them. The men are handsome devils, some with retractable teeth, so their fangs don't scare away the women. They make fantastic love and who can resist a men who knows how to please women.

But and there's the problem I have. Vampires can't come out in daylight or enjoy lounging naked on a sunny beach. Making love in the sum is so glorious why would any thinking woman give up the sun to follow her lover into the dark? There's a new movie out (can't remember the name) with a male vampire. The photo in the paper showed him with two sharp teeth. Ugh.

Are there women vampires emerging to lure real honest-to-god men into their arms? Or does it only work the other way? Male vampire. Human female. I believe some mad scientist has created artificial blood so the vampires can forego the real thing.

That's my huge rant for to-day. Tell me true all you bloggers out there, what is it about vampires that makes them so popular? Comments please.

Lest I forget, is blogging worth the effort.? I maintain my personal blog in a sporadic fashion and wonder if anyone out there cares? Friends comment on mine. So do my family. Come on. Drop by and comment. Convince me blogging is a way to get name recognition and hopefully, sell my five books published by Cerridwen Press. Remember this. My historical romance, "A Very Difficult Man" is scheduled for release in paperback, October/November. Here is the cover.

Thanks for allowing me to rant. It was great fun. I await comments from the lovers of vampire novels. Convince me. What am I missing? I tried to read a vampire novel and quit. I like fantasy novels so I'm not a total loss.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Attack! Attack!

Attack of the killer fork. For you who have assiduously read my blogs, you will recall my encounter with a garden hose. It reared up and soaked me to the skin before I could capture and subdue it. My blog is archived back there just in case you missed it.

Yesterday, I reached into the cutlery drawer in the kitchen for a spoon. That's when the fork attacked. It jabbed so hard into the top of the middle finger of my right hand,it hung on until I was able to shake it off! And it really hurt. It's a wonder you didn't hear me screeching all the way to Australia. Blood poured from the puncture wounds. I rushed to the bathroom to bathe the wound and stop the bleeding

You may laugh and think I am making this up. Inert objects can't attack. I know that is true. I am taking no more chances with killer forks. I have turned all the forks so their tines are facing down. My finger is recovering.

I'd love to know if anyone else has been set upon by a so-called inert object? Leave a comment. please.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Listening to the Muse

Writers are asked "where do you get your ideas from?" Oops, do be grammatically correct, I should have written, "From where to you get your ideas?" Glad that's out of the way. I shall continue. Writers are inveterate eavesdroppers. For instance, my husband and I had breakfast out one morning last week. In the booth behind me, were two women and a man. The man had his back to me. They looked to be in their sixties.

As I sipped my coffee, I heard the man say, "I loaned her twelve roosters." I tried and tried to hear more of the conversation and failed. What on earth would someone do with twelve roosters? Not to service hens. One rooster can handle lots of hens. About a day or so later I read a report in the local newspaper about the arrest of a group of men involved in a cock fighting ring. The SPCA was called in and all the roosters had to be destroyed. Some were badly injured. Eyes out. Legs ripped. Was the man sitting behind me lending roosters for cock fighting? Hmm. I will never know.

Another line I heard as I passed two women on a staircase in a lovely country hotel in England. "She was thirty-five when she learned she'd been adopted and she lost her mind."

We listen. We watch. We imagine. We create characters. It's all grist for our writing mill. My first book with Cerridwen Press, A Very Difficult Man, is scheduled for release in paperback in October/November. Here is the cover. Check my web site for blurb and excerpt.
Thanks for coming by.