Monday, September 24, 2012

What have I been doing? Not blogging, that's for sure. This blog is about books. I enjoyed reading Money Ball by Michael Lewis so much, I have ordered his book, Blind Side, and I am not a football fan!

I like baseball and the Blue Jays are causing me a great deal of distress this year. So why should I buy, Blind Side?  I truly enjoy Michael Lewis's writing. My son assured me it is an excellent book so I eagerly await it's arrival in my mail. Who knows, I may starting watching the NFL. I'd rather watch Rugby because it seems more sensible to me to see men dressed in simple shorts, shirts, socks and rugby boots rather than dressed in body armor and a helmet and cage to cover their faces and heads.

The concussion problem in the NFL is being taken seriously. What a terrible way to retire from a sports career and wind up with your brain bruised creating difficulties as you age.

Yesterday I was out walking the path overlooking the sea and bent down to retie my shoe lace when a a woman spoke to me. "Can I help tie your shoe lace? I'm a retired kindergarten teacher and spent a lot of time helping kids tie their laces." I laughed and shook my head. The woman was from Alaska and visiting  Victoria. I thought she was terrific.

On the same walk, three men approached me. They were arm and arm with the man in the middle. As they passed me I heard this snippet of conversation, "and no females are allowed." What do you think was the beginning and the follow-up of that little gem? A male friend of mine suggested they were talking about when they were boys building a tree house, with a sign. NO FEMALES ALLOWED.

Do keep buying my books. You will find find them at They are all romance novels. a mix group of historical,  contemporary, time travel and romantic suspense. Try one, you will enjoy a good read.

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The cruise ship season is drawing to a close in Victoria, that means darker days and nights are creeping in. I hope the darker nights will awaken my creative muse that seems to have taken a vacation and I want it back. Now!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Anita Birt's Note Book

Hello, whoever you are. Some one is viewing my blog yet only one person has left a comment. I'm considering putting one of my unpublished books on Wattpad and see what happens. I have several books that I have never sent out - don't ask why.  Perhaps I could not see myself earning any significant royalties and wondered if it was worth while sending out my books to the wide, wide world.

If any one out there who checks this blog would like to read my memoir of Being Six Years Old,  way back many moon ago, I'd like to post it. But. . . why post it if no one comments, good or bad.

I have been away visiting my family in the Toronto area and returned home a week ago. Then I had minor surgery last Friday. I am finally getting myself back together and will set to work on the new book I'm writing. Autumn weather has arrived on southern Vancouver Island with gale force winds and a sea rocking and rolling with white caps.

I am more inclined to work when the dark days arrive and I'm not tempted to go walking by the sea in the sunshine.

Remember to add my books to your "Must Buy" list. Buy them for Christmas presents. Three of my books are available in paper back. "A Very Difficult Man," "Ring Around The Moon," and "Too Young To Die."

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Must have a look at one of my books sitting in my computer. I have almost forgotten the plot!