Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dickens and Me

I'm going to follow in the footsteps of Dickens and start posting a chapter a week of my contemporary romance, titled .... Not sure of the title yet. There's a baby, the baby's uncle and a woman doctor. My book has never been submitted to a publisher. You, my readers, will be the first to view it.

The baby is six month old. Greg, my hero, is the baby's uncle. The doctor is ... wait and see.

In the meantime, there's the cover of my historical romance, A Very Difficult Man, now available in print from Cerridwen Press.

Watch my blog next Friday for the first chapter.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blue skies and Barack Obama

Blue skies shone on Washington, DC. this day for the inauguration of the new president of the United States, Barack Obama. His speech was inspiring. The crowds were enthusiastic. The free world awaits.

So begins the hard work of taking the American people to a new level. Of reviving a moribund economy. Of delivering a new kind of health care to the millions of Americans who cannot afford to be sick. Of urging an honest work ethic from top to bottom of the population.

We live in interesting times.

For me, something new began yesterday. My historical romance, A Very Difficult Man, was released in print. I await copies.

There is the beautiful cover. Inside is the inspiring story of a wounded hero who returned from the Crimean War wounded in body and soul.

My book can be purchased from or wait a few days and you will find it at In Canada,

My PR blitz starts as soon as I receive copies of my book. A launch party. A book signing. Whatever I can dream up to encourage sales.

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Monday, January 19, 2009


It is in print! Now is the time to order. The price: $16.99. Order from Cerridwen Press or or ask your local book store to order it for you. I'm not sure what the selling price is in Canada.

I played a little fast and loose with a date in my book regarding a Bride Ship sailing to Canada. The actual date the first one left England was 1856 and Riena, my heroine's gypsy friend, boarded a bride ship in 1854. I hope historians will forgive me.

A fine book called Voyages of Hope, written by Peter Johnson, published by Touch Woods Editions, tells the saga of the bride ships. Women were encouraged to emigrate to Victoria on Vancouver Island to marry and civilize the men! Some women were mere girls of eighteen or nineteen who knew nothing of the world they were about to enter.

The ships sailed around "the Horn." A dreadful journey, many months long. Imagine how the women felt when they landed in Victoria and great tubs of soapy water were out on the dock for them to launder their clothing in front of a mob of men.

It's a tale of hope and despair and worth reading.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


PRINT DAY fast approaches for my historical romance. January 19th is tomorrow! My hero, Richard, Lord Glenmore, was wounded in body and soul during the Crimean War. He served with the 17th Lancers and was part of the famous Light Brigade that charged the Russian guns and were slaughtered.
Richard's horse was shot out under him and the shrapnel tore into his right leg.

The famous poem, The Charge of The Light Brigade, tells the story and hints at the "blundering" orders that sent the Lights into certain death. Richard came home to England a bitter man. So many young men needlessly slaughtered troubled him and he withdrew from society and became a recluse. We might call it Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome now.

Richard is The Very Difficult Man in my story. To find out how he recovers you must buy my book. Order the print copy or the e-copy from Cerridwen Press.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Promises to Keep

I vaguely recall a post from a couple of days ago when I promised to post the first pages of Isabelle's Diary. The cover is intriguing. I ran into a problem when I could not download any of my book. The copies were locked up and I haven't figured out how to break in.

My heroine, Sally Carter, does not believe in ghosts. She especially does not believe in ghosts that appear in broad daylight in a cafe in Wales. Ghosts haunt ancient castles on mountain tops. So she thought.

Something happened to change Sally's mind. She was drinking coffee in a small cafe in Llandrindod Wells when she noticed a young woman dressed in somber Victorian black sitting at a window table weeping over a diary. Sally turned away to pay the waitress and when she looked back the weeping girl had disappeared.

That's when Sally's ordinary world rocked. The waitress insisted no one had sat at the window table all morning.

As I write this I remember the scene that triggered my story, Isabelle's Diary. My husband and I had been on a walking holiday in Wales and stopped at a small cafe in Llandrindod Wells for a morning coffee. A young woman dressed in black sat at a window table drinking a Coke. She kept glancing out the window as if waiting for someone.

Immediately I changed the scene. The girl I imagined was dressed in Victorian black and wept over the pages of a diary. I imagined my heroine as the only person who could see the black dressed girl. The story evolved from that first imagined scene.

Spinning tales is what I do. I am finishing a contemporary romance with an interesting premise. It's a marriage of convenience with a twist or two in the plot. A little emotional blackmail goes a long way as my heroine, Suzanne Miller, discovered.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Me and President Elect Barack Obama

What may you ask is my connection with Barack Obama? It is tenuous at best - and hanging by a thread. It's about a launch. Not a boat. It's about beginnings.

On January 19th, my historical romance, A Very Difficult Man, will be published - first time in paperback! It has been e-published and now will begin it's journey on to book shop shelves in a brand new form. Same cover. Same story.

President Elect, Barack Obama will be inaugurated as president of the United States on January 20 - the day after my book launch. The eyes of the world will be on Washington. Thousands will gather to witness the history making event. Happy crowds will cheer themselves hoarse.

You see the connection? Me, on the west coast of Canada, launching A Very Difficult Man - in paperback on January 19th. And Barack Obama launching on an incredible journey on January 20th, the day after me. I said the link was tenuous.

I hope some of the cheering crowds are so pleased with their new president, they will spend money buying books. It will help the economy and the economy is top on the new president's list of things to do.

Writing romance novels is what I do. I will be celebrating the launch of my book with a party! Not on the scale of Washington that will be buzzing with parties and balls and dancing in the streets but it will be my party celebrating with friends and family.

We live in interesting times.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now is the time for ...

My big announcement. My historical romance, A VERY DIFFICULT MAN, will be released in print on Monday, January 19th. I will be blogging (God willing and the creek don't rise) tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow about when, where and how to order my book. Below is a short excerpt to tempt you to purchase my book. There is the beautiful cover. There's a beautiful gypsy fortune teller in my book. That's her crystal ball.

Like a prisoner facing execution Catherine followed her employer across the hallway. Lady Glenmore tapped lightly on the door and opened it.

"Richard, this is Miss Thurston, the young lady I've engaged as your companion." She placed her hand on Catherine's back and gently propelled her into the room. "I will leave you to become acquainted."

The door clicked shut. Catherine was alone with him. She sidled to one side hoping to catch a glimpse of the monster.

The room was dimly lit. A single lamp glowed on the mantelpiece. Blurry images were reflected in a mirror hanging above. As her eyes became accustomed to the gloom she made out a table, a bookcase, a chair by the fireplace, and opposite from where she stood, a high-backed chair, facing away from her.

Suddenly the chair swung around. A second later a book flew across the room. Catherine ducked as it crashed against the door.

He'd almost hit her! Furious at him, she picked up the volume. "How dare you throw a book at me?" Taking aim at the shadowy figure leaning back in the chair she hurled the book. Instead of striking him as she'd intended, it sailed past and thudded against the wall.

Hands clenched against her sides Catherine edged towards the door and safety.

"So this is how you comfort me," he snapped.

"Comfort you, my lord? No indeed, I am not paid to comfort you. I am paid to read to you. Good afternoon, Lord Glenmore. I shall call in the morning. Perhaps you will be in better humor. In the meantime I intend to stroll in the garden."

"You are my paid companion, Miss Thurston. I expect you to obey me. Put up with my ill humor or leave me alone."

"That I will not do, I am engaged to read to you. If you insist on throwing books at me I will sit outside your door and read loudly enough for you to hear every word." She grasped the doorknob and turned the handle. "Good afternoon, Lord Glenmore."

"Return at once, Miss Thurston. I have not finished with you."

Catherine fled to safety and slammed the door behind her. She leaned against it until her heart stopped hammering against her ribs and her knees stopped shaking.

This was worse than she'd imagined. Much worse.

She'd not allow Lord Glenmore to use her as target practice. She'd outwit him. She'd fulfill her contract by sitting outside his door. He was quite mad. Little wonder his previous companions had fled from the house.

She returned to her room, collected her warm woolen shawl from the wardrobe, wrapped it around her shoulders, ventured into the hallway, tiptoed past the madman's door and like an explorer in a strange land, made her way through a maze of corridors to the magnificent staircase leading to the marble tiled entrance hall. In an alcove, an armored knight, visor down, stood at attention. A family relic, she thought, and nodded at the silent figure as she passed.

A stroll in the garden breathing fresh air would restore her fighting spirit. Lord Glenmore was a formidable opponent.

* * * * *

Richard seized his crutches and hopped across to the bell. "Bloody woman," he muttered and tugged the rope almost ripping it from its moorings. He felt around the floor for the book she'd thrown at him. His eyes had improved enough for him to see her outlined in the door before she stepped inside and his mother closed it. She must have worn something dark. He hadn't intended to hit her, but a glancing blow might have driven her straight back home, wherever that was; very likely a residence for single ladies past their prime.

His valet hurried into the room. "You rang, milord?"

"Of course, I rang. Bring me a brandy and don't pretend there's none in the house. I haven't drunk my way through the cellar yet." He threw himself into his chair. "And inform my mother to dismiss the young lady she has engaged to read to me."

I haven't a clue why the print has jumped to DARK AND BOLD and haven't a clue how to change it. It's the gremlins again. To read reviews about my book, please go to my web site. or drop me a line at, I'd enjoy hearing from you.


on rial

Monday, January 12, 2009

Meet my guest, Emily Bryan

And what a fun guest Emily is. She has a game for us to play. I'm starting as soon as I remove my fingers from the computer keys. HOWEVER, I have to apologize for not showing the lovely cover of Emily's book, Vexing The Viscount. I have tried and tried and have to give up.


Thanks for having me here, Anita. I promised you a fun blog post, so here goes:

Today we’re going to play a game. I’m stealing it shamelessly from my friend Lori Philbin, but it’s just too much fun and I know she’ll forgive me. It’s called the STATUS MODULE GAME.

If you have a MySpace, Facebook, Twitter page, etc, you know the fun of mini-blogging, posting just 150 characters or so on your status bar. It’s random and odd and makes people wonder what you’re up to. Here’s how to play.

* Grab the book closest to you. NOW.
* Go to page 63.
* Find the last complete sentence.
* Write that sentence as YOUR status.
* COPY these instructions as a comment to your status.

* MENTION the Title and Author of the book.
* Don't go looking for your favorite book, or the coolest one you have - just grab the closest one.

And as luck would have it, the closest book I have is VEXING THE VISCOUNT! At the bottom of page 63, Daisy Drake says:

“One wonders when they found time to conquer the world.”

Makes you wonder what came before, doesn’t it. When you post a comment today, post your best guess about what Daisy and Lucian are doing when she says this. As always, I’ll be giving away a copy of VEXING THE VISCOUNT to one random commenter so it doesn’t matter if you guess correctly or not. You’re still in the drawing if you comment.

And for extra fun, if you have a myspace, facebook, twitter, etc, it would really help me out if you would post “One wonders when they found time to conquer the world.” in your status module. Please let me know if you do. Thanks.

And thanks again for letting me visit with your readers, Anita!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


A good review is food for the soul. So is a good meal but for this blog, I'm writing about two recent reviews. I received a Four Angel Review for my time travel, Ring Around The Moon. It's a different from most time travels. My hero, Alan Tremaine, travels from 1800 to the present time and shocks my very modern, pregnant heroine, Beth Ormond, when he walks into her life. Beth has rented a thatched cottage in Cornwall for a month of rest and time to reflect on being a single Mom.

Does Alan complicate her life? You bet. The cover hints at what's to come in their relationship.

I had a Three Star review from Romantic Times Book Reviews for Isabelle's Diary. It's a contempoary romance with a paranormal twist. "Sally Carter traveled from her home in Canada to try to find out about her family ties. Upon seeing a distraught young woman in a coffee shop, Sally is stunned to realize that no one else can see the young woman ..." There's a yummy hero and a surprise revelation about the "ghostly" young woman.

Drop by tomorrow when I will post excerpts from both books.

Thanks for spending a little time with me.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The time has come ....

"The time has come the Walrus said, To talk of many Things. Of Sailing ships and Sealing wax, And cabbages and Kings. And whether seas are boiling hot. And whether pigs have wings."

I wrote that from memory so forgive any mistakes. It is, of course, from Alice In Wonderland. The time has come for me to start thinking about writing and promoting my books. So ... to that end. I am promoting two of my books right this minute.

Soon, I hope, my lovely historical romance, A Very Difficult Man, will appear in print. FIRST TIME IN PAPERBACK. A thrilling moment for me - to hold that book in my hands. I will launch the print version in Victoria, British Columbia. My book will be advertised at the Romantic Times Book Reviews, conference in April 2009.

Too Young To Die, my romantic suspense novel, is available now in e-format to read on whichever device you use. iPhone? iPod? e-reader of choice? My book will be advertised at the above conference in the e-book section.

Both books have had excellent reviews. Make my day. Buy both.

Thanks for dropping by.