Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE and a promotion.

For Life in the Slow Lane followers - E-readers are becoming BIG business, The Sony, The Kindle and The Nook. This is great news for me. My five books published by Cerridwen Press are all available in e-format and ready for downloading to E-readers or directly to your computer or iphone.

An opportunity for me and other Cerridwen authors to attract you to our books. In the spirit of hope, here are the covers of my five books. To read excerpts of all my books go to my web site, www.anitabirt.com You will find ordering information on the site or go directly to: www.jasmine-jade.com or www.cerridwenpress.com

Save the trees, read e-books.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


For a change of pace and to bring some excitement into my blog I'm posting below the first page and half of my romantic suspense novel, TOO YOUNG TO DIE. If you want to read more, leave a comment and I'll add a few more pages hoping you will be hooked and will order my book. It has had excellent reviews. Check my web site, www.anitabirt.com for an excerpt and excerpts of my five books e-published by Cerridwen Press.

(Information on this blog is copyright by Anita Birt and cannot be used without permission of the author)


Chapter One (partial)

"Keep singing, lady."
The armed man sitting across from Ellie in the nursery casually pointed his assault rifle at her. She cuddled the whimpering baby and tried, unsuccessfully, to stay cool and remember the words of the old nursery rhyme.
"Rock-a-Bye baby, on the..."
Her voice cracked on the first line.
"Can't sing. Can't breathe. Throat's too dry. Can I get a drink of water from the bathroom?"
He shambled to his feet. "Don't move. I don't hurt ladies and babies."
"Then what the hell are you doing here?" Ellie shifted Nicki from one arm to the other and gulped air into her oxygen-deprived lungs.
"Don't give me that crap. You're up to your neck in this same as the rest." He slung the weapon under his arm. "Sing to the kid while I get you a drink."
"I can't."
"Do it and keep the kid quiet." He lowered his brows. His eyes sank into folds of scar tissue. "Sing about the mocking bird. You sang it before."
Ellie cleared her tense throat. "Hush little baby, don't say a word...that one?"
He nodded and propped his beefy shoulder against the door. "My old lady used to sing it to my little sister."
The gorilla had a human mother. Hard to believe he hadn't come fully formed from the lab of a mad scientist.
"Please get me some water. I'll sing it and a couple more."
If she escaped from the house alive, she'd never answer another advertisement for a nanny. Magda and Stefan Blesnicoff had seemed such a nice couple. They'd sent their chauffeur to drive her from Seattle to their estate in the Cascades. She'd been with them a week and tonight she might die, blown away in a hail of bullets.
She choked back a sob. She was too young to die. So was Nicki. He squirmed and screwed up his face. "It's all right, Sweetie." She fought back her panic. Stay calm. Stick to a routine. She held him against her shoulder and patted his back. "You're hungry aren't you?"

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Saturday, December 5, 2009


I am so sad. No one comments on my brilliant blogs and I am trying hard to lure you in. Where are you? Having got that off my chest and taking a deep breath I have decided to please myself and if you care to join in and comment, be my guest.

Yesterday, the back page of the front section of The Globe and Mail featured an advertisement for the "iPhone 3G." The head line read: "16 new ways to make life a little easier." Each new way was listed down the sides of the iphone 3G with lines leading to each icon on the phone. "Wine Ph.D" "Local Concerts" "ESPN sore Center" "Epicurious." This one is Free. " Can't decide on dinner? Get Epicurious recipes right now on your iPhone..." And on they go. And to tempt you further to buy the phone. "...there are over 90,000 apps for just about anything, only on the iPhone." My head hurts thinking about 90,000 apps.

As I studied the advertisement I wondered about choices and how 16 new choices made life easier. New gadget after new gadget appears in the market distracting everyone from paying attention to being alive. When did iPhones and Blackberries and the like swamp the senses of the users so they have no time to turn off the gadgets, step outside the door, breathe the air and look around.

Human bodies need exercise if they are to remain healthy. People need people. We need others to pay attention to us - not via the gadgets or the Internet but in person, in real time.

An iPhone 3G can't give me a hug nor can a Blackberry cheer me if I'm sad or laugh with me over the antics of squirrels cavorting on a tree or take time to listen to the birds or studying shiny new cars in a showroom.

Choices. How do I choose to live my life? How do you? Would 16 new choices make you feel better? Comment if you dare.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Seems to me that Life In The Slow Lane does not live up to its name. I try to slow down but something comes along that sets me thinking and off I go on a tangent to see what's going on. I won't touch the Tiger Woods debacle, that's for the gossip columnists (I read every word in The Globe and Mail to-day! How could I resist? It is too delicious)

I got thinking about phobias after meeting a new acquaintance who has a phobia about elevators. She cannot step into an elevator on her own. Another person has to be with her. It's the fear of the elevator getting stuck and feeling trapped.

As for me, my phobia is earth worms! I cannot touch a worm or a snake. Goes back to when I was a little girl and a nasty boy dropped a big fat dew worm down my neck. I don't remember the incident, my mother told me. When my daughter was thirteen she was out playing in a field and brought home a garter snake in a glass jar. I locked myself in the bathroom and threatened to do her grievous harm if she did not get rid of the damned snake.

Another friend is afraid of open water. She has never learned to swim. Won't even try. The idea terrifies her.

Then there are SPIDERS. Big, hairy ones, little ones, nasty ones that bite. A common phobia. Arachnophobia (I had to look it up in my Oxford dictionary)

Are women more prone to phobias than men? Who would like to weigh in on this topic? How about a bridge phobia? I mean the structure not the game! I know of someone who simply cannot drive across a bridge.

All this has nothing to do with LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE but it may arouse some interest.

I think I tempted you (whoever you are) with an offer back on my first LITSL No one replied so I try again. The second person who comments on this blog, December 3, 2009, to you I will send a copy of my historical romance, A Very Difficult Man.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE - continued, I hope

Sas to say, my last brilliant post did not appear on my blog. There must have been a gremlin hanging around that day determined to do me in, so to speak

I waxed eloquently about my travel to Britain during late August and early September, 1944. With several other Canadian war brides we were allowed to travel to the UK because the war in the Atlantic was winding down. However, no one had informed a German U-boat commander of that fact and I nearly ended up in a watery grave off the north coast of Ireland when the convoy was attacked at dawn. Five ships were torpedoed, including the one directly aft of the Ariguani, the small ship on which I was a passenger.

But that was then and this is now. Have any of you a childhood tale to tell? A magical moment you remember as if it was yesterday. Or do you have a rant or a strong opinion about what is happening in Canada or the wide world.

Because many of us are in our eighties and lived through the "dirty thirties" - a depression like no other - and lived through World War II and the Korean War, we tend to gaze with jaundiced eyes at the fuss entrancing Ottawa about the treatment of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan. The jails in that medieval country are not pleasant. I'm not sure where captured insurgents are to go or how to monitor their day to day treatment in primitive prisons while our soldiers are fighting a bloody war. Let the Afghans care for the prisoners. Enough said. That is my little rant for to-day.

A scam warning. A friend of mine in her eighties had a phone call two days ago from a man who told my friend her son had been jailed and needed money to bribe the guards to free him. Her son and his wife happened to be travelling in a far eastern country so my friend was terrified something bad had happened to him. The caller suggested she send $4600, cash, to a lawyer in Montreal who would take care of the problem. That didn't make sense to my friend. Cash? She hung up the phone. However, she was so shaken she couldn't eat for two days. Not nice.

And to jog your memories about what I do, I'm putting up the covers of my "Isabelle" books. Not to weary you with a sales pitch, you can read excerpts of both books at: www.anitabirt.com Leave comment below so I'll know someone out there is reading my blog or I might cast a spell!