Sunday, September 19, 2010


This is hard road and the journey may not be pleasant. When faced with one's mortality what's to be done? There's no place to hide and no place to run to. How to come to terms with it is my present task.

We shall see how the days go by. Autumn is here, like it or not. Where I live is so pleasant that dark wintry nights are nothing to fear. The sea is usually bright. But this morning a solid fog had rolled in and the fog horns were blowing. Then suddenly the fog lifted and the sun came out bringing a perfectly beautiful day.

Anita Birt

Friday, September 17, 2010

What Next?

I fear my dear old blog is on its last legs. I have tried valiantly to interest various groups/people in different topics. To no avail. I also hoped to find readers for my five published romance novels. Alas. Sales are very slow. I shall never be rich nor even vaguely well off from my royalties.

I also have a nasty diagnosis of an illness which is too personal to share. Suffice, it say, it will slow me down.

I am an ancient person living happily in a retirement residence. A year has passed since I moved in. My suite looks over the Strait of Juan da Fuca so there is always something to see even it's only the sea.

If anyone out there cares to comment please leave a note in the comment spot down below. It would be fun to hear from someone.