Friday, February 4, 2011

Anita Birt's Note book

The cancer story, so .. My second chemo therapy is on February 14th. I am feeling fine and looking healthy as a trout. However, I have lost five or six pounds. My bathroom scales are not accurate. I shall be weighed when I see my oncologist on February 11th.

The weather is moderating on Vancouver Island. 8 C. We've had below freezing temperatures - not pleasant for walking. On my walk by the sea this morning, birds were singing. I stopped to listen to the little guy singing his heart out. I think the males are marking their territories ready for the arrival of the females. I'll study my bird book to figure out if the singing birds were members of the finch family or the sparrows,

I have a Kindle and am madly trying to download a couple of books. Not as easy as it looks. There's always a tripping point waiting to give me trouble. I shall try again.
Have a look at the site and be tempted to buy one of my e-books. They are all available and all have had excellent reviews.

Bye for now.