Friday, April 29, 2016


I think I've touched on this topic before but I can't remember! What is that a sign of? Aging? Forgetting? What the hell so I forgot what I've written. In the Don Marquis stories of Archie and Mehitabel, one of her favourite saying was "What the hell, Archie, what the hell." when she'd been out on the tiles all night or down the alley with disreputable cats with torn ears and a bad attitude.

What does it feel like being ninety-three?  It feels like any age. As long as I stay healthy and my brain is still functioning I could be forty-three or sixty-three.

Age is not a number. Age is who I am. What I"m doing. How do I keep going? It's a matter of getting up in the morning, showering and getting dressed. I could be any age as long as I don't have terrible pains or a serious illness or have  lost a loved one.

In January 2001 my daughter died, unexpectedly. A parent never gets over the loss of a child even a child who is middle-aged. My daughter lived next to my heart for nine and half months before she was born. A precious child.

To-day the sun is shining where I live and the sun is sparkling on the sea. The air is fresh. Altogether a fine place fo live and I am blessed to be here. I can see a field of camus lillies from my window.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016


To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question, whether it is nobler in the mind - I leave the rest to Shakespear. I have an excuse for not blogging! I am editing  my book, "Lady Mary - Death in the Canal Boat," and that is time consuming. A friend went through the book with "a fine tooth comb," and did the editing. 

Writing is fun, interesting and challenging but editing is sort of exciting but basically it is "dog" work that has to be done or my book will not sell. Will it sell? I haven't a clue. It would be lovely if it did but I don't count on it for income. Nice to see those royalty cheques in my mail box. I still get them from the publisher of my romance novels.

Back to now. The camus lillies are in full bloom and they are a treat for my eyes. I stop and look at them as I pass by. Deep Blue and a haze of bloom drifts over the flowers. They are spreading into other fields as I pass by. Another treat where I walk. Beautiful golden irises are almost ready to bloom on the sea-side  of the path. It is a protected area and is home to hundreds of species of which I know nothing.

Back to the past. I went to Huron Street Public School in Toronto. My best girlfriends were Eila and Helvi Karsikas. Does anyone know the name? They will be very OLD like me and may have passed on to wherever we go when we "pass." Their father made musical instruments. Their mother seemed to have a kettle of coffee on the go all the time. We never had coffee in my house! Tea was the favoured drink. I MUST AWAY AND GET BACK EDITING.  "Write if you get wrork..." From Bob and Ray.
Anita birt.