Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Was anyone curious about my last post, "Astrologer & Love Psychic."where he mentioned "jadoo." and 'Vodoo." If you were afflicted he could get rid of them forever.

So I Googled "jadoo," and "voodoo." My goodness if, by chance, you have been bewitched with either then you look after your mental health. They are dangerous beliefs!!! For the believers.

I'll let you look after both and read about these strange beliefs.  Seems they are real to a lot of people and can cause serious damage to them! I now understand they the advertisement continues to appear.

My question, who believes in either "jadoo," or "voodoo," in this day and age of computers, internet, cloud coverage and much more of which I know a little.  Both play with people's minds, analyze dreams, evil thoughts - of course, behind it all someone is making money "providing protection."

Enough of that. We've had three whole days without rain or raging storms. Such a relief.  I wrote a letter to family and friends to tell them what I've been doing with myself. I am the oldest person in the family and they are interested in what I'm doing to stay alive and well.

It's a genetic thing. My grandmother and my mother lived long lives. My grandmother died at 87, my mother at almost 100. It's a Scottish characteristic! Tough women who are interested in staying alive even when one or two of them make lives miserable for their children. Yes they do! I've been there.

Does anyone have the slightest interest in know what it's  like to be OLD? If so, comment or I won't tell you..

My book, "Lady Mary and Murder in the Canal Boat," has passed 50,000 words. It's meant to be a short book, part of a series. I'll wind it up soon and then the hard work begins, printing and revising. I need a new printer! I like the characters in my book. Most of them live ordinary lives in an English village - until!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Another day of wild weather. Gale fore winds, pouring rain and white caps on the sea. I intended to go out but feared I'd be blown away. I've had wind shift me sideways so I stay home until I see or hear the all clear. Being blown into the sea!

I have to share an advertisement that appears once a week on the back page of the National Post, business section. Here it is: ATROLOGER & LOVE PSYCHIC (I won't quote the local telephone number)

Pandit: SAI GURU. Love, Husband-wife, relationships. Health, Marriage, Depression, Secret Matters, Teenage Issues. Jealousy, etc. Removes Black Magic, Jadoo, Vodoo. Witchcraft and provides 100% Protection

There you have it. Supposed to last a lifetime. Two other adds offering similar healing appear. I had no idea that Black Magic, Jadoo, Vodoo and Witchcraft were  problemsat the present time. Any comments on this issue. I am fascinated.

Back to Christmas Magic. I decorated my small apartment this morning and am pleased to see all the old Christmas decorations from years gone by giving me pleasure. Each piece has a story. That feels like a story coming on. Something magical for a child to enjoy. I shall set my mind at work and will let your know if a story ensues.

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If you search the Internet you may be lucky and find a copy of my non-fiction book: THE HOUSE AT BRIDAL VEIL.As inspiring story of a small group of Franciscan Sisters who managed to buy an architect designed house on the Columbia River that had fallen into ruin. With hours of hard work. Dealing with Rats! And snakes. And rain pouring through the roof. They worked during the day in Portland and headed out to the old house with sandwiches and flasks of coffee and set  to work.

Try and find my book. THE HOUSE AT BRIDAL and enjoy a truly inspiring, down to earth story about five Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist.

Anita Birt

Sunday, December 6, 2015


This will be a short post. I've had family visiting, my great granddaughters, Caroline and Imogene - and their loving parents. I miss them and feel hollow inside as if a special part of me has gone missing. I know it will come back and I will return to my usual comfortable rut. Missing are the two children, Caroline is two and Imogene is three months. They have taken up residence in my heart and I am blessed to have had them visiting.

In the meantime. Back at the ranch. We had wild, wild weather yesterday. Lots of damage done on Vancouver Island but we missed the worst of it in Victoria.

Last night with the wonderful "LIGHTED TRUCK CONVOY." Possibly the only such event in the whole wide world. Check it out on the Internet. Every imaginative kind of truck is lighted in many different ways. It's one of the highlights of Christmas in and around Victoria. Millions of lights. So much work went into making this a wonderful event. The truckers ask for donations, money and goods for the local food bank. 

And now for the advertisement! Readers of historical romance fiction will love ; A VERY DIFFICULT MAN. He returns from the Crimean war wounded, lost his right leg below the knee. He is bitter about the way hundreds of men and horses, part of the Light Brigade, who were sent into battle without sufficient cover - a mistake had been made! Buy my book and learn about the Light Brigade and some of the men who died! Also there is a romance that starts off all wrong.

He does not want the companion his mother is foisting on him and makes her life miserable - starting off he  throws books at her! He is rude and determined to get rid of her. But she needs the money paid to her by his mother and cannot give it back!

There's a gypsy fortune teller in the book, an old friend of my heroine. Buy my book and enjoy a compelling story.

Anita Birt