Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anita Birt's Note book and Rant

I have added Rant to the title because I might hold forth in the new year rather than start a new blog.

I HAVE NEWS. I had an e-mail from my publisher two days before Christmas informing me that some of their e-books will be going into print in 2012. They will be printing my time travel romance, RING AROUND THE MOON. the new print books will be available on the publisher's web site first and then offered to Amazon.com and three other retailers. I shall keep you informed when all this happens. I am pleased to have another book in print.

A VERY DIFFICULT MAN is available as an e-book but is also available in trade paperback. Check my web site for synopses and covers. All my books are available at Amazon.com and at Jasmine-Jade Enterprises.

It is a dreary overcast day in Victoria with a little rain. I got out for a walk earlier and missed the rain. I am feeling rather witless right now because I have task to do and would like to put it off but honour calls. Must bear down on the task and get it done.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Anita Birt's Note Book

The wanderer returns. Life is getting in my way. I am neglecting my writing, my blog, my memoirs, my everything. I think it is the slow lost of light as we move on through Christmas to the winter solstice - is that right? Here on the Vancouver Island we have had grey skies and little sun. No snow, praise the Lord. Victoria is never ready for snow and few drivers have snow tires. Few drivers know how to drive in snow or ice so it makes for lots of accidents. If it snows, I stay put.

I am not flying to visit my family at Christmas in the Toronto area. Overcrowded airports are hard on this old dear and it's difficult to get help even when my travel agent asks for it. Enough of that. My family has sent me a large box full of presents. I am not opening it until Christmas morning. Opening it before December 25 would spoil the fun.

My publisher tells me they have made some change to my time travel, RING AROUND THE MOON. If you haven't purchased it yet, try it. It's an unusual time travel story. My hero comes from two hundred years in the past to the present time. Figuring out how to get him a modern identity was difficult, but I did. A great love story awaits you.

I have become a fan of the Jack Reacher mystery/murder novels. I've started on the earlier books and enjoying them immensely. The author is Lee Stone. They are available as e-books.

I bid you goodnight. Sleep well and greet the morning with a smile


Monday, December 12, 2011

Anita Birt's Note Book

I should hide my head in shame about neglecting this blog. My intentions are good but my life gets in the way. Still have not a good title for this blog when I switch over to a Wordy Blog. Who is interested in words and their use thereof? Day after day I come across bad grammar, incorrect word usage and wonder how it can get any worse. Tweeting and texting will be the ruin of our wonderful English language. Who will know right from wrong when all we old folk pass on?

I do have hope. There are young people writing books, fiction and non-fiction, penning articles about interesting and challenging subjects. All is not lost. Is there a young person out there who will comment? Someone between the ages of  25 - 50. That is young to me! Tell me what you are writing or planning to write or thinking about a subject you'd like to tackle.

My son has been visiting for the past five days and keeping me on my toes. This evening I introduced him to one of my friends. Muriel was ninety-six years old on her birthday two weeks ago. Asked how she was, she replied. "I got this walker for my birthday but I'd rather have a car."

She is bright as a silver dollar and has a great sense of humour. Another friend had her ninetieth birthday to day. She is attractive with a sharp wit and plays excellent duplicate bridge. Having said all that I am heading for bed and shall turn on my Kindle and continue reading a Jack Reacher novel.

Check out my books at: www.anitabirt.com, buy one or two and enjoy a good read.