Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anita Birt's Note book and possible rant

I wrote a romance novel several years ago and for reasons, know only to the gods, did not send it out to a publisher or an agent.Can't remember why but the book jumped into my thoughts recently when a friend mentioned she used to have a home in the Caledon hills in southern Ontario. Into my mind was a vivid memory of a scene in that area. It was so vivid I knew I had lived there. Not true what I pictured in my mind was the opening scene of my book, tentatively titled, Homecoming or Return Engagement. I'm thinking I should have a look at the complete manuscript and send it out.

So when I return from England and my grandson's wedding, I shall print it out. Lots of twists and turns in the plot that makes it a page turner. (author's opinion!) Here's how it starts:

Nick leaned on the window sill and gazed at the changed landscape in front of his parent's home. The maple tree shading the old-fashioned wooden swing had grown tall. A manicured terraced lawn, once a favorite tobogganing hill for him and his sister, swept down to the duck pond he'd dug with his father. Mallards paddled in the water.

Turning away from the window he smiled at the German Shepard drowsing in a patch op early morning sunshine. Kim had been a frisky pup eight years ago now her muzzle was more white than brown.

Eight years free lancing as a war correspondent had taken its toll. Afghanistan, Iraq, the Congo and the civil strife in the Philippines, he'd seen it all.

Home for a rest tp recpver frp,a gunshot would cou9tensy of a sniper in the Congo, he had the run of the house while his globe trotting parents were out of the country for two months.

The chiming telephone jolted Kim from her sleep. Mike grabbed it on the first ring hoping the call was from Joe.

Want to know what happens next? Send a comment. Ask me.

Remember to purchase an e-copy or the trade paperback of my time travel romance, Ring Around The Moon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anita Birt's Note book and possible rant

Take me out to the ball game! Soon I shall be watching the Blue Jays' games to take the edge off all the horrible news from around the world. The murder in France of a Rabbi and his two children is heart breaking and the same gunman took out two paratroopers last week.

The "strike" of Air Canada pilots has me and my family on edge. We will be flying to England on April 7th,  we hope. This is so unsettling. And we are helpless to do anything about it.

We'd better start praying to the union gods who are making life difficult for thousands of Canadian travellers. I shall try to put it out of my mind and thing happy thoughts.

Smile at children and old people. Smile at teenagers and they may smile back unless they are using their I-phone to take pictures or chat or read a book. All the latest technology is taking people away from interacting with people, real honest-to-goodness people who enjoy a chat or a smile or a wave.

Lunch time now so will run along. Who likes ghost stories? Comments please.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Anita Birt's Note book and possible rant

I met a friend when I was out waking this afternoon and for reasons unknown we began talking about elder abuse. Three recent trends on television show three instances of elder abuse. It seems unbelievable to me that anyone would abuse an old person for any reason. The Federal government (Canada) is in the process of passing a law making it a crime to abuse an elderly person, be she/he a relative, friend or a stranger met on the street.

Let's face it, folks, we come from a different generation where abuse might have happened within the confines of a family home. Living with an elderly parent can be stressful.  That's why I firmly believe families should live separate but intertwined lives whenever possible. Not in the same space.

I tend to be a trifle bossy and have learned when to bite my tongue when I want to make a comment sure to irritate son, daughter-in-law or grown grandchildren. None of us is perfect but we don't deserve to be whacked or shaken or abused in some way. I have a wonderful family who lovedme dearly. I am truly blessed.

"When did  you last abuse your Grandma?" Silly question. However, if you know of anyone hurting an elderly person, male or female, report it to the authorities. A ghastly case of abuse came to light in Quebec a few month ago. The wife's elderly mother was confined to an unheated room at the back of the house and fed indifferent food. The poor soul was in dreadful state after a neighbour reported the problem.

On to more cheerful things. No rain to-day and some sun struggling to shine through light clouds but there was a cold wind chilling my head and neck. We have had so many huge storms over the part several months that there is hardly any beach. We have a log beach for hopping along on. I don't go down to hip hop but stay on the path edging the sea. I see a humming bird most days perched high on a twig. Always makes me feel good.

I need someone to motivate me to start writing a story set in a senior's residence. I have the arms and legs of a story and need to flesh it out. I I won't tell you another thing lest I give too much away and spoil the fun.

Have you ordered the trade paperback edition of my time travel, Ring Around The Room? Go to my publisher, Ellora's or from or, if you are in Canada, It's available as an e-book but I receive a bigger royalty for the print version.

Smile as often as you can. Speak to small children. Adore looking at babies. And smile at old people you meet during the day.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Anita Birt's Note book and possible rant

It cheered my heart to read some happy news in the local Vancouver Island newspaper, The Time Colonist.
 There is a coloured picture of a western blue bird that have been extinct for years, The Good News follows.
"The moving costs of Western Bluebirds are high. There's travel, paperwork and permits at the U.S border, temporary aviaries to be used before the birds move to well equipped nesting boxes; naturalists and biologists to help with the transition and ongoing supply of meal worms."

For bird lovers this is exciting news. The first three to five pairs of birds will be brought from Washington state later this spring. The plan is to bring in 90 pairs over the next five years. A critical mass is required to have them breeding.

That is what I call good news.  I'm surprised that bluebirds are thriving in Washington  and not here. I look forward to seeing them. Do you agree with me that the arrival of bluebirds is wonderful news?

You can find the article in the March 16th edition of The Times Colonist.

Happy birding.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Anita Birt's note book and rant.

Blogging isn't my thing. I can't think of a single thing to say to engage readers and have them beg for more. I am having a Book Launch for my time travel romance, RING AROUND THE MOON on May 16th. The PR manager in the complex where I live is doing all the work. An ad in the Vancouver Island newspaper, The Times Colonist. Wind and cheese will be served. That will bring hordes of people seeking a free drink and food.

I shall read the first pages of my gook. It starts with a really scary opening. Do buy my book either in e-form or in trade paperback. I hadn't read it since I wrote and was very pleased with the twists and turns in the plot and my writing as I read it. My publisher created a new cover that is quite beautiful.

I hope spring has arrived where you live. Here on Vancouver Island there has been one storm after another. 95 kmh winds and the sea heaving, rocking and rolling in white capped fury. Huge logs tossed like match sticks on the beach.

I shall be visiting England to attend my grandson's wedding. I have bought a hat for the occasion and have to carry it in a hat box on my flights.

Aging is taking its toll on some of the elderly residents where I live. Getting old is a risky business, like rolling the dice and hoping to come up a winner for a few more years. Coming from a good genetic background helps. You can't beat those good genes when the the hair turns grey and the joints stiffen. Walking helps a lot and I have fairly long walks at least five times a week or more. Can't get out when the wind is howling around the building and rain beating against my windows.

Would you like to discuss aging in all its manifestations? Life is a terminal illness. None of us can escape it so how do we handle the journey. I think Steve Jobs replied to a question about how he enjoyed creating new things. He said, he enjoyed the journey more than the outcome.

So enjoy your journey and share one or two of some of your favourite stopping places. I'd love to hear from you.