Saturday, January 18, 2014


The Road to hell is paved with good intentions. I am well on my way to hell, I think. I intended to write a WARNING - to be aware of pick pockets in unlikely places, The Swiss Chalet restaurant in Markham, Ontario. My Niece, her husband and their son stopped for a bite to eat before dropping David off at the airport. He was returning to England after spending Christmas at home.

David and Laurence hung their winter jackets over the backs of their chairs and proceeded to enjoy a light meal and lots of chat. When David and Laurence stood up their wallets had been picked out of their jacket side pockets. They hadn't felt a thing. The wallets were found, minus the cash, but credit cards intact. They cancelled them. Markham is no longer the peaceful town it once was. Criminal gangs have moved in. Take heed wherever you are. Keep your eyes open. Keep your wallets secreted close to your body. Study your surroundings. Be aware.

Change of subject. My historical romance, A VERY DIFFICULT MAN, is selling fairly well in the UK. When it was first published I had a video made to publicize my book. Here's the link to the video if you'd like to see it. Go to Google and type in: Video, A Very Difficult Man, by Anita Birt. The video will pop up with music and voice over.

I have a few hard copies of the video if someone out there would like a copy, I am giving away two copies to the first  two people who request one. Please send your name and address. I will send the copy and never use your name and address ever again. That's a promise.

Now I return to editing my Ghost Writer Mystery. Takes time to do it properly.

The sun is shining on the Juan de Fuca Strait and the sea is quiet. I had a grand walk this morning and saw two humming birds!


Monday, January 6, 2014


Buying books during and after the holiday season always warms my heart. I have a backlog of books waiting to be read, enough to keep me going for months - those are paper back books and I have several on my Kindle.

I am doing more editing of my mystery, A Ghost Writer Mystery. When I think it's ready to face the world I shall publish it as an e-book. It's a page turner. Lots of twists and turns until the tangled threads of the plot unwind and the bad guys go to jail and the good guys triumph. Not easy though!

In the meantime. Continue buying my romance novels. A VERY DIFFICULT MAN, a historical romance set in mid nineteenth century London. A wounded hero and a determined young woman hired to read to him. Even when he throws books at her she refuses to back down. She's been paid in advance and can't repay the money. Debtor's prison? Possible.

ISABELLE,  contemporary romance and a historical romance. The contemporary romance has a surprise ending. Isabelle's Diary is contemporary and Isabelle's Story is historical. Together in one trade paperback. Enjoy a good read. Sigh contentedly when you turn the last page.

  RING AROUND THE MOON. An unusual time travel romance. He comes from the past to the present with all the problems that entails for the American woman with whom he falls in love. Problems like having no modern documentation. How do you obtain a passport without a modern birth certificate? Or a driver's license when all you've driven have been horses and carriages?  It's set in magical Cornwall.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE. A contemporary mystery with murders lying in wait for my brave heroine who escapes in the dark of night with a three month old baby into a forbidding forest where danger lurks. Cougars. Bears. Imagine the fears rippling through my heroine as she stumbles through a trackless forest all the time keeping the baby from crying. Soothing him. She is his Nanny who refused to leave him in the clutches of a murderous gang.

I'm hoping my new website will be up and running soon. It's been a long wait.