Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I am a rotten blogger. I get a great idea for a blog and then work it to death until I decide no one is interested . I'm getting like an old fart with tales of the past  to tell. Like the time when a huge explosion  rocked the ship I was sailing on and lifted me right up off my bunk bed.

 Three days away from reaching the safety of Liverpool, England, the convoy was  attacked by a German submarine taking out the ship sailing directly behind my ship,  the S.S. Ariguani.

Want to know the whole story? I'm ready and willing to tell you.  Imagine feeling a huge explosion, tossed up in my bunk and not knowing whether I might die in the cold north Atlantic when my ship sank.

Okay. I could go on about arriving in England, penniless. Actually I had a ten shilling note and a couple coins. My husband was serving with the RAF, "somewhere in England." I didn't  know where. It was war time.

Want to know more about me and my adventures, leave a comment. Or should I write something on Facebook?

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Anybody out here who remembers the old days when Bob and Ray were on the radio. They often signed off. "Write if you get work." I think they also said "Hang by your thumbs." Correct me if you can.


Sunday, May 18, 2014


To-day I'll skip social issues. No one commented on my Blog yesterday. I assume no one read it. Sigh.

I don't have an agent. I don't have a personal assistant. I certainly don't have a PR person flogging my books hither and yon. I use my Blog to write about writing and about my books.

About writing. I've heard many people comment, "I'd like to write a book but don't know where to start." My advice. "Write about some small thing you noticed to-day."

Is there a flower in bloom? Did you stumble over a stone on the path where you were walking?  What did that feel like? Remember a childhood incident. Could be anything. Or write the first thing that comes to mind. What are you thinking about right this minute? Begin.

The famous Nora Roberts said wisely. "You can't fix a blank page." So write a few lines, they don't have to make sense. WRITE THEM DOWN! No one is standing over your shoulder making caustic comments. Tell me what the weather is like where you are. That's a start.

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TOO YOUNG TO DIE: (A contemporary thriller with a brave heroine escaping in the dark of night to protect a three month old baby from murderous thugs.)

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Saturday, May 17, 2014


"Native women live in peril: RCMP report." There is an in depth article in the Globe and Mail detailing the problems native women have to deal with. Think about this:
 "Aboriginal women suffer from greater levels of violence than other women in Canada, leaving them more vulnerable to murder and brutality at the hands of their spouses, family members and acquaintances."

It seems to me the problems lie within the aboriginal communities. Why not start there to deal with the violence against women? I already imagine the arguments. "Native communities are still suffering from the abuses and pain from the Residential Schools." Their stories must never be forgotten. Never.

Is it not time to move on? Is the violence on the reserves related to the past suffering? How? It's not healthy to play the role of "Victim." Healing won't take place until the the future is faced. Playing the role of "victim," can act like an addiction. If I give up the role of "victim," who am I?

I'm a mere mortal with the concerns of a mere mortal.I refuse to take the blame for the past  injustices done to the native people. I wasn't there. What I can do is urge our federal government and the native chiefs to get their acts together and get the educational system on the reserves funded with money and educated staff. Our native children must be educated. Must be!

Millions of dollars have been poured into the reservations to no avail. Where has the money gone?

This sad story about murdered and missing aboriginal women begins where it started, where the women live. Yes, the police can do their work after the fact. Start by stopping the abusers.

Easier said than done. And so I leave you.

Anita Birt

Saturday, May 3, 2014


I've just read my last post and hope I haven't confused you as I described the book I'm writing. The characters are:

Phyllis.The main protagonist. Angie (six years old) Jake who walked out on Phyllis ten years ago. She divorced him. He is unconscious in the hospital. Mr. Livingstone. Whom I am trying to figure out if he is who he says he is or what is his motive in helping Phyllis, or is he helping her or playing for time.Should Jake be guarded while he's in the hospital?

I hope to make this a Novella - 35,000 words, but the story is growing like Topsy and I fear it is getting out of hand. I'm letting the story evolve on its own. Letting the story write itself. Seems far fetched and probably is but I'm in no hurry. I have published five romance novels, one not-fiction book and my latest, THE GHOST WRITER MYSTERY, e-published by Smashwords for $1.99.

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IMPORTANT:  Let me interview you on this blog. Who are  you? Are you writing? Thinking about writing. Knitting pretty things. We all have stories to tell. I heard a wonderful true story yesterday and will tell you about it tomorrow - if you ask me!