Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I'm getting excited about my book, The Ghost Writer Mystery.  I've chosen the cover and am thrilled with it. When I get the final copy I'll see if I can upload it to my blog. There must be a way. There's a sense of mystery in the cover. A good cover helps sell books. I hope that holds true. I won't get rich with e-book sales but having my latest book out there and available to download on e-readers, I-pads, I-phones and the like gives me a delicious feeling of accomplishment.

Now back to writing,  Breaking Out, it's A Ghost Writer Mystery with the two main characters doing their sleuthing.

Finally the rain has stopped. The sun is shining in Victoria. After three days of non-stop rain I was eager to get out and walk, so that's what I did..

Have a look at my web site. Read the reviews of my romance novels and purchase a copy. If you like a historical novel,  A VERY DIFFICULT MAN, is the book for you. It's set in 1845, London, England. My hero returns from the Crimean War, wounded in body and soul. He's withdrawn from society, drinks copious amounts of brandy to ease the pain in the stump where his leg was amputated in a field hospital in Crimea.

His widowed mother is at her wits end to drag him out of his isolation. She engages an attractive young lady to read to him. Not a good idea. He throws book at the young lady and makes her life miserable.

Read my book to see what happens after the young lady throws books back at him.


Saturday, February 22, 2014


I've just received a wonderful e-mail from a friend of mine who is visiting Kiev, Ukraine. He and his family have been robbed of their possessions and the Canadian Embassy can't issue passports quickly enough. My friends asks me to send money!!!

My friend is living right here in Victoria. I know he's not in Kiev but the scammers will try anything. Very interesting.

I have temporarily set aside my novel "Phyllis," to concentrate on "Breaking Out," it's the second volume in the Ghost Writer Series. When my book is e-published I want a second book ready to go. That means getting to work on it. It's only one quarter done so I have a lot to do.

This is the kind of weather day when I am not tempted to leave the cozy comfort of my apartment. Rain mixed with the odd flake of snow. Coastal weather is changeable. Pity the poor souls living on the street. No one goes hungry in Victoria, there are lots of places offering free meals and there are shelter beds available. Not a great way to live. No one has to die on the street unless overdosed.

This a dreary topic. Let's talk abut aging. Or is that a dreary topic? The women in my family who inherited good Scottish genes don't know when to quit. We keep going as if there's more life to come.

I am blessed because writing keeps my brain ticking over and I walk a lot. If the rain doesn't let up I shall walk the halls of the building where I live. I play Duplicate bridge here and regular bridge with my friends once a week. We played with new cards I'd purchased on Thursday evening but I swear the cards were not speaking to me. Too new. I am kind of weird about cards. I don't like throwing out an old deck. Is it just me? Any one else out there with the same kinky brain?

About writing. I'll have to discipline myself to write a certain number of pages each. With the Olympics winding now, there's nothing to tempt me away from my computer. Canada's men's hockey team plays Sweden for the gold medal tomorrow. The team beat the USA yesterday. One more Gold medal! For a country with a small population we've done well. 36,000,000 people. Not bad.

Comment for goodness sake. Remember to buy my books. "A Very Difficult Man." is a great read.


Friday, February 14, 2014


There's a howling gale beating against my window and white caps rolling across the Strait. This is more like a winter storm than a spring storm, third one this week. I can't walk in the wind, not pleasant at all and I might fly out over the sea and land on Washington State.

For Valentine's Day I'll repeat the legend of the hummingbirds.

 "Legends say hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life's sweetest creation."Believe.

I am struggling a bit with my book, "Phyllis." I'm not sure whether it will be a real story in real time with real people or is there a fantastic connection with the present time and the past, specifically the mid nineteenth century.

I shall soldier on with the story to pull the threads together or stay calm and let them tangle until the story becomes clear. Unless the writer plots and knows exactly where the story is going from one chapter to the next (more or less) there are no pitfalls or sudden events that throw the plot off kilter.

I don't plot, a lot of writers don't plot, Jo Beverley is one of the: a multi-published writer, a best seller of historical romances, Jo's books appear regularly on the New York Time's best seller lists. Jo says she writes by the "seat of her pants." She starts with an idea, characters, a situation, a place and goes from there.

I'm not in Jo's league as a writer, I don't plot because my stories surprise me as I write. Phyllis is the working title of my book. When her estranged husband arrives at her door step, ten years to the day he walked out on her, Phyllis is shocked at his appearance. Another shock arrives. He has a six year old child with him. He says he found Angie wandering the road a few weeks ago, dressed in rags, no shoes or socks, and could not leave her.

She has run away from an abusive mother. That's how the story begins. Phyllis has divorced Jake, doesn't want him back but she can't let Angie go hungry and brings her into the house.


Sunday, February 9, 2014


Ian Brown, a feature writer,  for The Globe and Mail newspaper. wrote a piece on February  8th about turning sixty. He called it, "Facing down 60 - on Facebook."

As a very ancient subscriber to the newspaper I smiled at his efforts to find coffee which he desperately need to face SIXTY. No coffee, so he muddled along with his thoughts. I quote.

"At 60, you are suddenly looking at least to the beginning  of the end, gazing upon the final frontier where you will either find the thing your heart has always sought that you have never been able to name. or you will not."

"I keep trying to peer into the future to see how the story ends..."

I don't remember reflecting on the future as my birthdays rolled along. My latest birthday, ninety-one, leaves me smiling. Future? It doesn't bear thinking about. So I carry on doing what I've been doing for the past many years, I write fiction. Writing stories keeps my brain ticking over.

I have had five romance novels published and one fiction, called The House at Bridal Veil. My romance novels are listed on my web site. The House at Bridal Veil is out of print but you can track it down at ABE books, possibly at Amazon.com.

Writers die with a pen in their hands or fingers on the computer keyboard. Writing is like an addiction, hard to shake off, yet welcome. Ian Brown is as gifted writer he has years ahead of him to write his engaging articles and essays.

I have just finished writing my first mystery novel, The Ghost Writer Mystery. My hope it to have it e-published. I have started a sequel and another novel with an odd cast of characters. Because I have no worries about the future, I can write what I want. Stories are there waiting to be told. Where will go when I'm not here?

"I an looking at the beginning of the end..."



Thursday, February 6, 2014


"Laughter is life's sweetest creation." From the Hummingbird Legend.

Did you smile at someone yesterday? Last night? This morning?

No one reads my blog so why do I bother? I like to chat to invisible friends who may be lurking in cyber land. Or hiding under bushes. Or sitting on a mountain top meditating on the meaning of life. Is that you?

If you'd rather not read my blog, please send me a rant! A rant is better than silence.

I don't have big issues like abortion on demand, or gay rights or pensions for our soldiers who served in Afghanistan. Although the soldier issue is important in my family. Contribute to WOUNDED WARRIORS.

If you have a book to promote. Tell me about it. Writers helping writers is what I do. Send me something and I'll share something with you.

Send a comment. There's a space down below.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


"Oh, sweet mystery of life at last I've found you..." Not Nelson Eddy singing to Jeanette MacDonald - although their singing was quite lovely - only older people will remember. To continue my discussion about mystery in my blog yesterday, I turn to a practical matter.

Solving the mystery of opening "Johnson's  baby powder," large size.The top is sealed with plastic, round and round the top and right down to the edge. I have handy little kitchen gadget with a sharp cutting edge. It took my FIVE minutes to get the damned plastic off. Then, there was a paper stuck over the opening. Sigh! It would not peel off so I had to scrape at it until I got most of it off.

Next mystery.  Tylenol. 100 caplets. Extra strength. To open  "line up" the lid arrow with the one on the top of the container. I tried and tried. I twisted and turned. I gave up, stuck a pointed knife under the lid and forced it off.

I know safety is a huge concern for Tylenol but is there an easier way rather than lining up little arrows? Some time ago I purchased one with a screw top and keep it on hand to fill it with my new purchase.

Change of subject. For my birthday my son purchased a card, simply made or so it seemed, with red flowers and a humming bird on the front. On the inside was this:

 "Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration . The hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life's sweetest creation."

 "laughter is life's sweetest creation." Spread the word. Smile at the next person you meet.

Back to work and on to the sequel to "the Ghost Writer Mystery or to the three chapters of another story I've written. It's an enigma waiting for me. I'd better go and see what happens.

Please have a look at my web site: www.anitabirt.com. Read reviews of my books and buy one or two.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Winter has come to Vancouver Island and the mainland. It's below zero Celsius  with a wind chill making it awful to be out and about. Foolishly, I had to do a few errands and ventured out. I haven't felt this cold since moving here twenty years. ago. We've been enjoying spring weather. Pity the daffodils popping up and the tiny pink flowers blossoming on the trees lining some of our streets.

I'd like to meet up with mystery writers, share our ups and downs, as we prepare to format our books and send them out into the world. When I started writing romance novels I received more than my fare share of rejections. It's part of the writing game if you are unknown, or a little bit known, but every rejection stings. Learn from them. Sure, but if the rejections come in a form letter what's to learn?

Using the Smashwords program and preparing my manuscript using their guide lines, I won't have rejections - corrections, of course, from them I can learn.

So mystery writers, nearby or far away, how are  you doing? Being published, I hope. If so, send me the good news so I can write about it and lure in readers for you.

I'd be pleased to interview you about your book or about what you're writing. Try me at, anita.birt@gmail.com

I have finished The Ghost Writer Mystery and started on a sequel to it. I've also started writing a different kind of story, have three chapters written and haven't a clue where the story is going. I'll open it up and start writing, something is bound to happen.

My romance novels,  A VERY DIFFICULT MAN, historical romance, ISABELLE'S DIARY AND ISABELLE'S STORY, available as ISABELLE. Available from your favourite book store or from  Ellora's Cave. com, my publisher. or Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.UK.

RING AROUND THE MOON, a time travel set in magical Cornwall, England. He comes from two hundred years in the past to claim my American heroine as his wife. But she is visiting Cornwall and...Lots of twists and turns in this book. And lots of loving, the best kind.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE - A young nanny caring for a three month old baby boy is threatened with death by thugs invading the home seeking the child's parents. My brave heroine escapes at midnight into the Cascade forest in Washington where cougars, bears and bad men prowl. A page turner. Read the review on my web site. www.anitabirt.com


Sunday, February 2, 2014


Oh bloody hell, I wrote quite a lot on  my blog, accidentally pressed a wrong button and lost it all. Boo Hoo. So to begin.

My new web site is up and it looks great, very professionally done and easy to navigate. The man who put it together avoided fancy stuff around the edges so it is about me and my writing and my blog and where to find this and that. So here is the web site:


It's got everything you need to know about me up to the present time. As soon as I have the ISBN for my book, The Ghost Writer Mystery, I'll start the process of turning it into an e-book. Manuscripts have to be formatted to be published as an e-book.

It's my birthday to-day. Ground Hog Day. Will the ground hog, his name is Willie, come out. If he sees his shadow he'll go back hibernating for another two months. If he stays out, winter is over!!

Out here in God's country on the west coast of Canada the daffodils will soon be blooming. The flowering trees will grace out streets.  The birds will heed the call of nature and build nests for their young.

On my walk yesterday morning I noticed a bird high up in a tree. I didn't have my binoculars and could not recognize it. I stood and watched. Then it flew away. Had white markings on its wings. I came home and studied my bird book and am sure it was a Northern Mockingbird. I hope it sings. the Mockingbirds in the south have such a wonderful songs. We live in Pasadena many years ago. I'd waken in the night to the gorgeous sound of a Mocking bird singing. I'll never forget it.

Back to Blog business. I'd like to visit other Blogs and have Bloggers visit me. I'm interested in what others writers are doing. Do come by. You'll find me at: ANITA BIRT - WEAVER OF TALES. Google makes it easy to find me.


Saturday, February 1, 2014


And now it's time to write a line or two on my blog. Had a visitor this afternoon, another writer. Instead of romance she is writing what she calls a Cozy Mystery. The demographic seems to indicate our population is aging. So why not focus my writing on the older group of men and women who enjoy a good mystery with lots of twists and turns and red herrings hiding around corners.

My present book, The Ghost Writer Mystery fits the bill perfectly. I am on my way to publishing it as an e-book using  Smashwords.It's a style guide to e-publishing. I have only discovered the site and am fascinated by what it offers.

Mystery! I think we all love them. A good yarn takes us into a different space. It's a tough market with so many wonderful writers tricking and treating their readers. Fun and games.

Bloggers out there. I'm interested in being a guest on your Blogs or you being a guest on mine. Let's promote each other.

How do  you find me? I'll do a Google search and see what comes up for me.

I shall return tomorrow. With, I hope, my new web site!!!