Saturday, December 29, 2007


I've been missing for days but have decided to appear and inform everyone who adores my books I am back. Isabelle's Story is out and ready to order. It's a historical romance, 1896-1900, the story of Isabelle Linden the girl who wrote the diary. Glance out the window on the cover and imagine Isabelle and her lover, Sir Harry Fairfield making love in a leafy glade in the hills above Llandrindod Wells, Wales.
I posted an excerpt on my previous blog. It's the first time Isabelle meets Sir Harry and it's a disaster for her. However, she writes about him in her diary. She can't forget him and Harry can't forget her.
I'll go on to another item of business. Quite by accident I discovered that an old book of mine, for which I own the copyright and the cover from A Very Difficult Man, were posted on a Free site. 36 copies of my book were downloaded. Free! I have asked for payment. But haven't a hope in hell of receiving it. I had my material removed from the site and asked the site owner why he/she allowed copyright material to appear without first checking the source. This kind of thing is so hard to deal with. 36 copies! And no royalty cheques. It's enough to make me weep or stamp my feet. I really am angry. What kind of people do this to hard working authors struggling to make a living or, at the very least, who look forward to fat royalty cheques?
Enough. Have a Happy New Year and for my author friends, may you enjoy many sales during 2008.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Excerpt for Isabell's Story

There it is. The cover for my historical romance, Isabelle's Story. My book will be released on December 27 by Cerridwen Press. It's the story of Isabelle Linden who wrote the diary featured in Isabelle's Diary. The first book is a contemporary romance. Both books are set in and around Llandrindod Wells, Wales, an old spa town once famously known for its healing waters.
The excerpt I've chosen is the first time Isabelle meets Sir Harry Fairfield. Not under the most favourable circumstances. Isabelle is mortified. Harry is attracted to her. Read on.

Isabelle stepped aside when she heard horses coming up behind her. Two beautiful young women elegantly turned out in green velvet riding habits, rode towards her.
They cast withering glances at Isabelle and one turned to the other, laughing.
“C’est linfirmiere du Spa. Imaginez! Elle se promene toute seule sans chapeau. Elle est affreuse avec cette coiffure.”

Her companion nodded. “Et lavez-vous entendu parler? C’et accent Gallois terrible!”

Isabelle understood every insulting word and threw her stick at one of the horses, whacking it firmly on the rump. The startled animal reared and took off in a tearing gallop with the girl clinging to the reins. Isabelle burst out laughing.

“You should not have done that.” A man’s voice startled her. She spun around to confront him, lost her footing on the muddy path and tumbled down the hill, skidding to an awkward stop when her skirt caught in a patch of thorny blackberry bushes. He vaulted from his horse and slid down the grassy slope after her.

“Are you all right? I am sorry. I did not mean to frighten you.”

Isabelle scrambled to her feet. Embarrassed and well aware of her muddy, disheveled appearance, she straightened her skirt. “I am quite all right, please join your friends.”

She kept her gaze firmly fixed on the ground and waited for him to leave before climbing up to the path. Throwing the stick at the horse had been childish. What if the girl had fallen? Isabelle forced herself to look at him.

He smiled, very likely enjoying her predicament. His riding jacket stretched taut over his broad shoulders. Momentarily at a loss for words, Isabelle blinked and stopped staring at him. A lock of auburn hair had fallen across his forehead and laughter lurked in his eyes. Was he laughing at her?

“I said, you may go and join your friends, I do not require your assistance.” There. She would not apologize for throwing that stick, let him think what he liked.

“But I must know your name. It is not every day I frighten young ladies into falling down hills.”

“I am not the least bit frightened and see no reason for you to know my name.” With a haughty toss of her head, she started up the slope only to slide back and flounder awkwardly on her knees.

He gripped her arm. “You must allow me.”

Isabelle bit her lip, furious at herself for slipping on the wet grass. The steely strength of his arm pressed against her side unnerved her. Feeling light-headed, she accepted his help to the top.

“Thank you.” She tugged her arm away and started down the path, desperately trying to hold back tears.

“Wait!” He caught her hand. “You still have not told me your name.”

He towered over her and for seconds she gazed helplessly into the depths of his dark blue eyes. Her knees trembled.

“I am Harry Manderlin.”

Isabelle died inside. His mother was her patient at the spa! Why did he wish to know her name? Fearful of some punishment for throwing the stick, she refused to answer. Her behavior might reflect badly on the clinic.

“Surely, my name is not important, neither to you nor your friends.” In a rush of anger, she snatched her hand from his and glared defiantly at him. “Please tell them this. Although they find my Welsh accent deplorable, their French accent leaves much to be desired.”

She raised her chin. “Vos amies parlent Francais comme des vaches espagnoles. What is more, they have the manners of the gutter!”

Blinded by angry tears, she fled down the path. To be seen by such people, looking like a muddy gypsy girl was mortifying. Then to be insulted! She was glad she’d thrown the stick. Glad. As for him, he probably thought helping her up the hill was a great joke, a wonderful story to tell his companions.

Harry watched her until she disappeared around a bend in the path and into the shelter of some trees. A rueful smile tipped his lips. She wanted nothing to do with him. He swung into the saddle and cantered up the path. When he caught up with his friends, Sylvia fumed at him.

“That girl! That bedraggled, half-witted gypsy hurled a stick at my horse and it very nearly threw me. I hope you spoke sharply to her and gave her a piece of your mind.”

“We recognized her.” Mary Anne declared. “She gives treatments at the spa. You must have her dismissed.”

“Dismissed, because she was so offended by your rude remarks, she threw a stick at you?”
They gaped at him. “She speaks excellent French and suggests you both mind your manners and take lessons to improve your accent.”
He did not mention the girl thought they spoke French like Spanish cows.
END of the excerpt.
You can order my book on December 27th to download on your e-reader or other reading device or download on laptop to read at your leisure. Thanks for your support.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Life on the Christmas track

That's where I've been for the past many days. Shopping, thinking about shopping, wrapping packages and sending them on their way. Sent the last one this morning to our friends, The Franciscan Sisters of The Eucharist, Bridal Veil, Oregon. Christmas crackers are an English/Canadian tradition. We introduced them to the Sisters several years ago and continue the tradition. With presents on their way to family and friends I can now concentrate on my writing and showing you the cover for Isabelle's Story. It will be released on December 27. Watch for the grand opening. Well, maybe not very grand. Just me telling you about Isabelle's Story, a historical romance.
It's the sequel to Isabelle's Diary. I'm calling them my Isabelle Books. I'll be posting an excerpt tomorrow.

I have the cover for my time travel, Ring Around The Moon to show you. It's very different from my last books from Cerridwen Press. I had to get used my "New" look. Ring Around The Moon will be released on March 27, 2008.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Yesterday I blogged about secondary characters in two of my published books. My third book, release date, December 27, (no cover to show you yet. Wait for it!) Isabelle's Story is a historical romance and tells the story of Isabelle Linden, the girl who wrote the diary featured in Isabelle's Diary. Are you still with me? One of my favourite secondary characters in Isabelle's Story is the shepherd who reminds me of the shepherds who heard angel voices and followed the Star to find Jesus and his mother in the stable at Bethleham.

My shepherd was not guided by a star but by his own instinct that something was wrong and he must not pass by. I'll not say another word. I want you to meet him in Isabelle's Story.
That's the cover for my time travel romance, RING AROUND THE MOON, release date, March 27, 2008. There's a wonderful secondary character in that book who arrived unexpectedly after I started writing my book. I think you'll enjoy meeting her when I blog about her closer to the release date of RING AROUND THE MOON.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Something wonderful

That's my first book with Cerridwen Press. One of the fascinating secondary characters in my book is Riena Stanley, a gypsy fortune teller. Riena is a childhood friend of Catherine Thurston, my heroine. Quite by chance, Catherine comes across a gypsy camp while chasing a young lad who'd been poaching pheasants on the Glenmore estate. Riena invites Catherine into her caravan where she takes out the precious crystal left to her by her grandmother and tells Catherine's future, naming her future husband. Catherine takes that with a grain of salt, has a meal with the gypsies and returns to the manor.Weeks later Riena, bruised and beaten by her husband, seeks help from Catherine to escape his brutality and boards a bride ship to Canada. What happens next? Buy my book. There are two wonderfu love stories. Gypsy spells. I plan to write about Riena after she arrives in Victoria, British Columbia and sets up shop selling ribbons, bows and trinkets.

And here is my second book with Cerridwen Press, Isabelle's Diary. A contemporary romance with a paranormal twist. Can ghosts appear in broad daylight?Practical minded Sally Carter didn't think so. Ghosts belong in eerie castles preferably on mountain tops where they shriek and moan and generally make the neighbours in the valleys below unhappy. But who was the girl dressed in sombre Victorian black who wept over a diary? Solving the puzzle changed Sally's life. Buy my book. Find a hero to sigh over and a love story to cherish.

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