Sunday, October 23, 2016

ANITA BIRT - A Spinner of Tales


This is my latest  book and am very pleased with it! It is different from the other books I have written so think how much you'll enjoy reading it. My character Lady Mary Carstairs is trying to find the owner of a dirty, hungry dog that wandered into her garden. She is not a dog lover but she can't let a dog go hungry and she is determined to find the owners who abandoned the animal.

. She finds the canal boat the owners had rented. The owners have disappeared. Mary is determined to find the ownership papers for the dog. She opens the hatch on the canal boat and is sickened by the smell of a decaying body.

A police officer is watching the boat waiting for the arrival of detectives to search for clues about the missing renters. Mary wants to go home but the constable on duty insists she stays to make a statement. The last thing she wants is to get involved in the dead man on the canal boat. But she has disturbed the evidence and the detectives who arrive are angry at her for disturbing the crime scene.

And that is how Lady Mary got involved in a murder investigation.  Buy my book,"DEATH ON THE CANAL BOAT." And get involved.


Sunday, October 16, 2016