Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016


 A couple of days ago I took a taxi down town, it dropped me off at the curb of the building where I had a meeting regarding money matters. I stepped out of the taxi on to the road. I am 93 years old and have to step up to the sidewalk. A simple task,  not to me. I thought I'd have to ask the taxi driver to assist me to step up

 Two young men were walking along. One came right over to me, he slid his arm under mine and lifted me up on to the sidewalk and without a word joind his friend. I thanked him! I weigh 133 lbs.yet it seemed like nothing to to him.. I was impressed by his kindness. He and his friend wore long sleeved, plae blue shirts and jeans.

Were they off duty police officers? Fire fighters? Soldiers? Did the young man have a grandmother? Or was he used to rescuing people?

I wrote my story to my family living in various parts of Canada and England. My niece, Allison, said I had made her day. The young man made  my day for sure. I felt wonderful for the rest of the day,

I have been backsliding to-day and really must get back to writing another Lady Mary story.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016


What to do now I have finished writing my mystery, "Lady Mary - Death on the Canal Boat."
Enough with murder, enough with sorting out people's lives.

So, Lady Mary is expecting her uncle by marriage, Sebastion Jordan, come for a visit. His daughter, is worried about him. He has taken up with a blonde (!) lady recently moved into their neighbourhood. Uncle Sebastion is wealthy and his daughter fears he may be tempted to change his will and cut out his family.
A good start to a story. No murders in this yarn.but lots of problems. Sorting out people's lives is the lot of a writer.
My publisher has written to me. She will no longer be publishing, "Ring Around The Moon" and "Too Young To Die." I urge you to order your copies from you local book store or from Both books are so different. "Ring Around The Moon," is a time travel set in magical Cornwall England where anything can happen and does! He comes from two hundred years in the past. She is an American on holiday.

Too Young to Die is a contempary murder/mystery set in and around the moutnains and roads of Washington. Fleeing from thugs bent on killing her and the three month old infant she cares for. She bravely  heads out at mignight in to the forest surrounding the the manson owned by the infant's parents. Alone where bears and cougars are a constant threat. She strugglles on until daylight stops to catch her breath. But two large dogs run at her. She shelters the babe in her arms.

RING AROUND THE MOON and TOO YOUNG TO DIE - order them now from or from your favourite book store.

Anita Birt