Wednesday, September 17, 2014


No blogging for days and days and days. The problem is time. It keeps running on too fast and I'm falling behind. "Stop The World I Want to Get Off."

Where would I go? This earth I live on is all I know. It's how fast time flies by. It's something to do with aging, to getting old, to getting TOO OLD. There's nowhere to hide from time. I remember being a teenager and being bored! This was long before the Internet and all the gadgets used to FILL IN TIME.

I read about a teenaged girl who kept her phone on her pillow when she went to bed in case some one sent a text, we're talking about girlfriends texting each other. What do they have to say that can't wait?

I love the look of young people, their bright faces, shiny hair and smiles. Young people who live in Canada are blessed to live here with so many opportunities, so many places to visit and who would not want to paddle a canoe on a lake and hear loons calling.

I count my blessings and I am OLD. Takes all kinds.

In the meantime I am not doing much writing, not sure why. Maybe I don't like the main character or the small village where she lives - But, there's been a murder on a canal boat. A canal runs past Lady Mary's back garden, The towpath remains and is used by walkers and hikers. Lady Mary does not investigate murders. My story is a cozy English mystery.Why have I brought murder into my story?
In the meantime, do continue buying my five romance novels and my e-published The Ghost Writer Mystery.Sad to say there are many books out there with similar names. Sigh

Take it easy. Do some stretches. Smile a lot.


Monday, September 8, 2014


One thing leads to another when I start writing a story. My present book, starring Lady Mary, a smart amateur sleuth, was supposed to be a gentle, cozy English mystery set in a quiet village where nothing much ever happened.  Something has!

In the meantime, life is good. I've just finished reading, Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre (hells bells I can't spell  his last name correctly.) He wrote "A Spy among Friends." Operation Mincemeat is a page turner and a true story.

Ewen Montague had written, "The Man Who Never Was." Montague had a major role in planning part of the great deception diverting the Germans away from Sicily. His book, "The Man Who Never Was," is still in print." I read it years ago.

Operation Mincemeat is a detailed description of everyone involved in the great deception. Spies everywhere. For the deception to work required careful planning down to the last detail but even then something could go wrong. I stayed up late turning pages.

If you are buying my books I will be happy. They are pure invention. Reading fiction is good for your brain. Did you know that? So buy my books and read them. I'm a small fish in an ocean sized publishing world but I'm still swimming and enjoying the game.

Must go and cut up strawberries for breakfast. We are enjoying fabulous summer weather and late bearing strawberries keep on coming. Also lots and lots of blueberries. We are blessed.

Enjoy whatever you're doing. Smile as often as you can. Say hello to a stranger.