Sunday, August 15, 2010

A change of pace.

Oh hell. I have a new computer and it will not post covers of my five e-books. I am madly trying to encourage readers with an e-reader of i-pad to buy my books. They are romance novels. Here are their names.

VERY DIFFICULT MAN. A historical romance set in 1850 England.

ISABELLE'S DIARY. Contemporary. There's a ghost. Or is there?

ISABELLE'S STORY. Historical. Set in England and Wales, 1895 - 1900

RING AROUND THE MOON. Time travel with a difference. He comes from two hundred years in the past to the present time. Takes place in magical Cornwall where anything is possible.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE. A romantic suspense novel. Takes place in and around the Cascade Mountains, Washington and Seattle.

You can view the covers and short excerpts at:
Enjoy my books. All have had excellent reviews.

Thanks for dropping by. Soon I'll figure out how to post the covers on my blog but not to-day. I am taking a break.