Saturday, November 19, 2016

Anita Birt - Story Teller

I know you are buying my book, "Death on the Canal Boat." It's a page turner and I say that bcause I wrote it and would not give you bad advie.

In the meantime, my thoughts seek someting new and interesting about which to write. I've decided that FEET are worth spending time with.

Do you think about your feet? If not, you should. I've been walking on my feet since I began walking when I was one year old! Think about that! I am now 93 years old so my feet are a very important part of me. Do I pay attention to them? Only when they hurt otherwise my feet do their thing - they keep on going. I get up in the morning, shower and get dressed. I put on my shoes and start my day.

FEET, unllike my heart, lungs, kidneys, bowels and bladder they go about their daily business of walking and keeping  me upright. I expect a lot from my feet and don't tell them how much they mean to me. Right now I am wiggling them in my shoes and they feel good  - and then I foret about them.

How often to you think about your feet and what they mean to you? Take a few seconds and think about them. Let your feet know how important they are to your general health. When your feet hurt they can spoil your day and make you cranky and out of sorts.So make this day, November 19 feet appreciation day.

FEET APPRECIATION DAY! If my feet could smile they would as I am smiling now.

Anita Birt

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