Sunday, October 25, 2009


Where do your ideas come from? Authors are asked this question many times. Here is what started a new story inside my head.

Years ago, my husband and I were on a hiking holiday in mid-Wales and stopped for a morning coffee in a small cafe on the main street of Llandrindod Wells. I noticed a young woman sitting alone at a window table. She was dressed in black. She was drinking a Coke and kept glancing out the window as if waiting for a friend.

Immediately a story came to me. My heroine is sitting in the cafe having a morning coffee and notices a young woman dressed in Victorian black sitting alone at a window table. She is turning the pages of a diary and weeping over it.

That is how I began writing Isabelle's Diary and followed it with Isabelle's Story. To read excerpts of both books, go to my web site,

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The books are available in e-format and soon, I hope, will be available in trade paper back.

If you want to know what inspired me to write, A Very Difficult Man, please leave a comment below and I shall write about it on my blog.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pay Attention - second time around

Yesterday I tried to download the covers of my five books with Cerridwen Press. For reasons known only to the gods of the blog world, I could not show you all of them. Never quit is my motto so I shall try again to-day.

And there they are! A Very Difficult Man is a historical romance set in 1854 England. My hero has returned from the Crimean War, wounded in body and soul and has become a recluse in his family mansion. My heroine, has been hired as a companion, by his mother, Lady Glenmore, to see if she can bring her son out of his self-imposed exile. He does not want the companion foisted on him by his family and does his best to get rid of her. Conflict from the get-go.

Isabelle's Diary is a contemporary romance that takes place in Llandrindod Wells, Wales. There's a ghost - but is there? Trying to find the mysterious young woman who appeared to my heroine is difficult. My heroine asks for help from a handsome Welsh professor. A romance to warm your heart.

Isabelle's Story, is the story of the girl you wrote the diary between 1895 - 1900. A historical romance that almost didn't happen when she became pregnant and her domineering father threw her out of the house. Thinking her lover had abandoned her, Isabelle walked into the hills behind the town hoping to die - but. Who came along just in time to save her? An old shepherd would not leave her and carried her to his cottage to heal. Wonderful story and a romance.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pay Attention

My sales are sagging. I need, want and must have sales to make me feel good about writing. So. I am posting the covers of my five books with Cerridwen Press. After viewing them, click on my web site: and read excerpts and order one or two or three books. Make my day and afternoon and evening. Here are my five covers.

Well a nasty little computer gremlin has stopped me from downloading my other three covers.

Too Young To Die is a romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat until you finish the last page.

Ring Around The Moon is a time travel. Alan Tremaine travels from two hundred years in the past to the present time. The story takes place in magical Cornwall. Check it out.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have a small file of stories told to me by friends. It's such a lovely sunny day here in Victoria I feel like sharing the stories and may the sun shine on you wherever you are.

A friend of the family had her 94 year old fathe living with her. He was a lively old gentleman. A visitor came to tea one day. The old gentleman did not join them. The visitor had occasion to use the bathroom and was alarmed to note the lock on the door was the old fashioned kind that worked like a dead bolt. There door could not be opened from the outside.

"Mary," her friend asked when she came out, "aren't you afraid your father might fall in the bathroom or have a stroke and with the door locked you couldn't help him without breaking down the door?"

"Why, I never gave it a thought," Mary replied, " but I'll mention it to Dad when he comes down from the roof. He's up there fixing the chimney where a brick came loose in that high wind a couple of nights ago."

A Cat Story told to me. A friend of their's had a white Persian cat, a gold fish and dark blue carpetting in the living and dining rooms. She was called away on family business and her husband first of all let the cat eat the goldfish! He was tired cleaning cat hairs from the rug and decided to dye the cat blue, which he did!

This solved the white hair problem but when it came time for the man's wife to return he had to do two things. Replce the fish and dye the cat white.

Aa soon as his wife returned and walked into the living room she noticed the fish had shrunk in size and was now quite small. The cat strolled in and its fur was a strange dirty white colour.

Some explaining had to be done! The cat suffered no ill effects from its double dye job and the fish, was a fish, and did grow. The husband bought his wife tickets for the opera to soothe her feelings and promised to go with her.

A ew years ago my husband and I met a couple at a friend's home and quite liked them. They were older than us and very interesteing. I phoned to ask them for dinner and the wife answered. "Sorry, we can't come. George left me to-day."

Never at a loss for words, I asked what had happened.

"He has gone to live with his new woman friend in England." George was close to 80. They'd been married 42 years when he dropped the bomb.

Another couple story. A friend told me this story. She was invited to a big 50th wedding anniversary celebration. She went up to the woman and said. "I do hope you have many more years together." She was surprised at the reply. "Oh, there won't be more years together. I'm leaving him tomorrow."

There are millions of stories in the world, I've told you a few of them. Will you share a story or two with me? I'll credit you with them. Drop by my web site. to read excerpts of my books and view the covers.

Anita Birt
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, in my previous life in Toronto, I trained as a human relations counsellor. I wasn't the published author you know me now. In the midst of downsizing from a large home to a small apartment I have come across long hidden files about my early work.

QUESTIONS. Why do we ask them? I offer a good rule of thumb to anyone interested. Before you ask a question, know what you are going to do with the answer.

I'm thinking of the opening line in one of my, as yet unpublished manuscripts.

"You will, of course, accept."

Right of the blue her boss has asked her to marry him! What a question. He expects her to say "yes."

Does she? Not a chance. She has questions of her own. Why her? Why not one of his society friends? Why?

His is a Command question and when she refuses he uses a little emotional blackmail to force her hand. Ah yes. What fun to write a romance where power resides in the hero's hands. Will this be a win/win? A win/lose? A lose/lose?

In the meantime, have you purchased any of my books from Cerridwen Press? That's a leading question. You don't have to answer unless you have purchased one of my books. My historical romance, AVERY DIFFICULT MAN, is available in trade paper back. Check my website for ordering information and information about my five books published by Cerridwen Press. Read Excerpts. Reviews. View the Covers.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Rejections are the spice of life for authors. They keep us from giving up unless ... I shall share my rejection story because it still warms my heart. Years ago my family visited and we embarked on a driving holiday down the west coast. On returning to my home, three rejections awaited me. I was devastated and ready to throw in the towel, never to write another word or send out another query letter or manuscript.

My granddaughter, Taylor, said nothing but when I went into my bedroom later in the day, she had pinned a note on my pillow. Here is what she wrote. She was nine or ten years old then.

Dear Grandma: I'm, very sorry you got rejected. I know how it feels. I got rejectedf from the co-ed basketball team even though I'm very good and so are you! So you got rejected a couple of times, big deal! Even the best seller writers got rejected at least 100 times. If you really don't think you are good at romance then try something else! I am very proud that my Grandma's an author! Remember in my fables, t he story, Dreamers? Well the moral is follow your dreams no matter what anyone says.If your dream is writing then so be it! Never ever, ever let me hear you say, give up! So keep your chin up and keep on WRITING!

Love you forever, Taylor

I continued writing and have had five romance novels published by Cerriwden Press. The first one published was a historical romance, A VERY DIFFICULT MAN.

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